60+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women They Will Absolutely Love

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Every year my husband and I have the tradition of filling each other’s stockings. We do a big family gift that we all can enjoy and our gifts to each other are typically just our stockings. I know other couples that do it this way where the husband and wife are responsible for the other’s stocking. So that’s why I’m sharing stocking stuffers that women will love to give you new ideas for this Christmas. 

Since I know gift giving can sometimes be a challenge and we don’t always know what to get. I put together a bunch of stocking stuffers that women will love. I have included a pretty wide range of prices but most things on this list are inexpensive so that you can fill the stockings up with a couple of these items as well as the traditional candy and stuff.  

Here are 50 Stocking stuffers for women

Bath Bombs for a better bath 

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2. Nail Polish– I love these ones a lot 

3. gloves to keep her hands warm

4. new makeup brushes

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5. earbuds 

6. a scarf 

7. Lip balm– a personal favorite of mine, I love lip balm

8. new toothbrush

9. Lip Scrub

10. hand lotion 

11.  a journal

12. Bubble bath 

13.  a car charger for your phone 

14. a pair of fuzzy socks 

15.a beautiful and cozy beanie

16. a hairbrush ( I really like this one)

17. new earrings 

18. set of pens 

19. a coffee mug – this one is super cute 

20. Therapeutic eye masks (you can make them hot or cold)

21. A set of tweezers  (she probably needs new ones)

22. a desk Calendar

23. perfume 

24. an adult coloring book 

25.  Wine toppers

26.  a new keychain 

27. cute Hairclips

28. a makeup bag 

29. facial masks

30. Starbucks gift card 

31. magazine subscriptions 

32. phone case

33. picture frame 

34.  movie tickets 

35. a Tote Bag 

36. a new wallet 

37.  a book for her to enjoy ( like this one from Chip and Joanna Gaines )

38. a set of beauty sponges 

39. sunglasses

40. a sleep mask 

41. an infusion water bottle ( so she can make her own flavored water, juice and iced tea)

42. pretty hair ties ( you can never have enough)

43. scented candles

44. a loofah 

45. a calendar 

46. a mini tripod

47. travel pillow

48. a Magnetic poetry Kit 

49. a Mini Instant Camera 

50. an ornament ( in my home everyone gets an ornament in their stocking)

51 A Hairdryer

52. Soft Tablet Stand

53 a Set of Metal Straws

54. This set of really cute Luggage Tags

55. A Facial Scrubbing Brush

56. A card Game

57. A Pedicure Kit

58. A Jade Roller

59. Makeup Setting Spray

60. Headbands

61. Makeup Mirror

These stocking stuffers are perfect for any woman you might need to get a gift for. Whether that’s your spouse, your mom, a friend, sister, or daughter.  I tried to think of gifts that all different women would enjoy whether they are into beauty, health, books, relaxation, and more. 

All the special women in your life should be celebrated this Christmas. So I hope that I helped make that easier with these 50 Stocking Stuffers for women that they will love for Christmas. 

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