70+ Stocking Stuffers Gift Ideas for Men

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Looking for some stocking stuffers for men that they will love?

I already shared stocking stuffers for women and I wanted to make sure I put together a list for the men as well. I fill up the stocking for my husband so this is the list I will be using.

It was easier to start with the list for women though because it was things that I like and want. Now it’s time for Stocking Stuffers for men to get excited about. It’s really the men that seem to be the hardest to shop for. At least for me. 

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Since I know gift giving can sometimes be a challenge and we don’t always know what to get. I put together a bunch of stocking ideas that I know the men in your life will love. I have included a pretty wide range of prices but most things on this list are inexpensive so that you can fill the stockings up with a couple of these items as well as the traditional candy and stuff.

1 socks (because everyone can use socks) 

2. some new cologne 

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3. aftershave 

4. earbuds

5. cell phone case 

6. pocket knife 

7. Lotto Ticket 

8. a new razor or subscription to Dollar Shave Club (this is what my husband uses)

9. How about a pocket screwdriver 

10. Money clip 

11.a football toothbrush  of their favorite team 

12 .a beard comb 

13. help them feel better with massage balls 

14. they can have some fun with a card game 

15. beef jerky 

16. a new watch 

17. golf balls 

18. key chain 

19. deodorant

20. get him a nose hair trimmer 

21. a beanie 

22. gloves 

23. new sunglasses 

24. a scarf 

25. new video game

26. nail grooming kit

27. body wash and lotion set (so he can smell nice) 

28. shot glasses

29. how about getting him a new phone case 

30. travel coffee mug 

31. tape measure 

32. a New book

33. a lighter 

34. a flask 

35. a Leatherman multi-tool 

36. a new watch 

37. baseball hat 

38. movie tickets 

39. a flashlight 

40. boxers 

41. scalp massager tool 

42. fast food gift cards 

43. chapstick 

44. golf tees 

45. a grill brush for the barbecue 

46. a new tie 

47. set of pens 

48. a football

49. a new wallet 

50. an ornament because all stockings need an ornament in my opinion. 

51.  Portable Charger

52. mini speaker

53.  some of his favorite coffee

54.  a travel pillow 

55.  a Fire TV Stick (one of my favorite things. We absolutely love ours)

56. a nice water bottle 

57. apple or amazon  gift card so they can get a book or new music 

58. a Coffe Mug Warmer

59. a neck massage pillow 

60.  Magnetic wristbands 

61. Metal Straws

62. Luggage Tag

63. Book Light

64. Cell Phone Stand

65. Hand Cream

66. Desktop Boxing

67. Lip Balm for the bacon lover

68. Eye Mask

69. Body Scrub Soap

70. Key Finder

These stocking stuffers are perfect for any man you might need to shop for. Whether that’s your spouse, your dad, a friend, brother, or your son.  I tried to think of gifts that all different men would enjoy whether they are into sports, health, home improvement, cars, and more. 

All the special guys in your life should be celebrated this Christmas. So I hope that I helped make that easier with these 50 Stocking Stuffers for men that they will love.  

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