Can You Use an Automatic Pet Feeder for a Rabbit?

automatic pet feeder, WOpet, bunny feeder, AD

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This post is brought to you by WOpet. An automatic pet feeder was sent at no charge for my honest review.


automatic pet feeder, WOpet, bunny feeder, AD

Can You Use an Automatic Pet Feeder for a Rabbit?

The short answer is YES!

I honestly had no idea so when the very nice people at WOpet contacted me about trying their 7L automatic pet feeder I asked if it would work for rabbit feed and was told that it would. I was happy about that. I don’t worry about kibble control with the Farm cats; they have 24/7 access to bowls of chow but now that we have Cappuccino the bunny leaving for an overnight creates feeding issues for us.

cappuccino the bunny

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You see, Cappuccino would just eat and eat and eat and eat kibble until he became a chubby bunny and that would not be healthy so having the ability to provide portion controlled amounts of rabbit food would be fantastic!

Rabbit food is not quite as uniform as cat kibble; it does have pellets but there are also bits of dried carrot and apple and other things I haven’t identified as of yet. That doesn’t matter as I don’t have to eat it. Cappuccino loves it and that is what matters.

automatic pet feeder, WOpet, bunny feeder, AD

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The WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder

As you can read right on the box it says automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs. But don’t let that fool you! You can also use it for your rabbit.

automatic pet feeder, WOpet, bunny feeder, AD

I am not going to tell you that I set this up, ’cause I didn’t. The hubby did. First he put the rabbit kibble in the well (it holds 20 cups.) From there he told me it was pretty simple to set up.

First he had to figure out how Cappuccino’s 1/3 cup of food equated to a serving in the WOpet. (You can schedule anywhere from 2 tsp to 4.5 cups) Once he did that he set the time on the clock and then arranged for his food to drop at 8:30AM.

And so it did!

As you can sort of hear, you can record a message that will play when the food drops. This is the only thing that didn’t work well. The sound quality wasn’t great but it really isn’t a big deal, at least when it comes to feeding a rabbit.

automatic pet feeder, WOpet, bunny feeder, AD

The keyboard on the WOpet is easy to read and as you can see you can set it up to drop a meal up to four times a day. The automatic pet feeder plugs in but has a battery back up so you don’t have to worry if you are away and the power goes out.

What Did Cappuccino Think?

I can’t completely answer that. While I sort of speak cat I have not yet begun to figure out how to speak bunny. I can tell you that he figured out where his food was….

cappuccino the bunny, automatic pet feeder, WOpet, bunny feeder, AD

…and he ate it.

Since that was the goal of this exercise I would say that the WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder worked just fine. I can now feel comfortable if we go away for a night that Cappuccino will have his kibble available in the morning as he is used to.

If we go away for more than a day we will, as usual, have a pet sitter in but she will not have to worry about what time she gets here. The WOpet will be able to provide Cappuccino with his rabbit food and she can just refresh his hay and water and change his litter pan.

An Automatic Pet Feeder Eases Your Mind

I feel much better having this feeder operational in the yurt. You never know when you might get caught away. As I noted, with the cats I keep kibble available to them at all times so I don’t worry if we are late getting home. But with Cappuccino it could be a problem if we found ourselves delayed. With the WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder I can rest easy knowing that his food will be there for him every morning.

disapproving bunny, cappuccino the bunny

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to come home to an angry rabbit. I can’t take the bunny disapproval.

Now don’t worry that this is the only food that Cappuccino gets because he also gets all of the Timothy hay he can eat. Plus he gets his organic greens once a day plus his rabbit treats. Plus the fact that we are growing the romaine he loves so dearly in the Aerogarden.

Cappuccino is just a little bit spoiled.

Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats, Dogs and Rabbits

You can also find automatic pet feeders for wet food for cats and dogs. These are perfect if you need to control how much your pet eats. I might consider one of these down the road for the stray cat that seems to have adopted us.

He/she has been appearing regularly outside and is very, very skittish. Even more so than Kitty the Feral Farm cat was. I worry about him/her. So far I’m only putting kibble out but if I had an automatic feeder I might be able to provide better options.


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