LG Heat Pump Dryer Review

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When we moved into our little house in Vermont it was in tough shape. It was not our first choice but the real estate market was and is still crazy. In fact, when we looked through the house we could barely tell what it looked like – there was stuff everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.

You could barely walk around as junk was piled hither and yon. The kitchen, or what stood for a kitchen was practically non-existent and I do not want to discuss the filth.

Not my house, but not far off from the reality

Industrial cleaning was part of the closing. It was most necessary. Gag.

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As a result of this erm, lack of tender loving care towards the house the tenants were renting we knew we would have to get all new appliances. Although having seen how these people lived – I was very, very, VERY happy about that. When it came to the washer the husband bought me basically the same machine I had had in Montana – an LG. But for the dryer – he went eco-friendly.

LG heat pump dryer

LG Heat Pump Dryer

Let me note that I had no clue heat pump dryers (the link is to a Samsung but they are exactly the same) existed. Leave it to my eco-warrior husband to have found this technology. I will also note that this dryer and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship.

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It is not because the dryer does a bad job – not at all.

It does just fine drying the clothes.

It just takes FOREVER.


How Does a Heat Pump Dryer Work?

This was my first question too as it has no vent. You read that right. No vent. What happens is that all of the moisture is collected in a container that you have to empty before or after each load.

It basically sucks the moisture right out of the clothes.

One thing I learned rather quickly is that the dryer will tell you it is done and you will reach inside and it will feel damp. This is only because of residual moisture. If you take the clothes out, let them sit a minute all of that will just evaporate.

Your clothes ARE dry.


Another thing I learned – towels take longer to dry than any other blessed thing on Earth. Even a full set of queen sheets.

Third thing I learned – a full load in a standard sized washer needs to be broken in half to really work efficiently in this dryer.

So this means that laundry day is either laundry days or laundry day into night.

I know I sound a little complainy and perhaps I am in some ways but I do appreciate that it is better for the environment. I am just really, really, REALLY glad I am not working. I also want him to put up my outside clothes line something FIERCE.

Talk about eco-friendly.

But back to the LG Heat Pump Dryer. After 10 months I have made my peace with it, I have learned its quirks and now feel that I almost (almost) like it. In fact my biggest complaint is really its size. I just wish it were bigger so I could fit the full load of wash in it instead of having to break it in half.

If that could be accomplished I might even (((shock)))) love the thing.

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