Caramel Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe

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Today I wanted to share with you all a super simple, yet yummy Caramel Coconut Iced Coffee recipe that I whipped up last week trying to be all compact in my camper.  Since I have been in a camper the past couple of weeks, I still have to have my iced coffee, and I have found the perfect little blender for your travels in your RV. It’s from Rosewill and there are actually two choices which I will show you one here. Later this week I will feature the Vacuum Blender, which is super cool for smoothies and again compact and personal.

The blender featured in this posting works perfectly and is so compact. It is the Rosewill Personal Blender. I have been using the heck out of this blender to whip up coffee in the morning as well as shakes and smoothies. Nothing like being on the road being able to have the things you love!

Caramel Coconut Iced Coffee

Rosewill Personal Blender Facts:

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  • ONE TOUCH BLENDING: With the press of a button, easily and instantly create delicious drinks and take them on the road; perfect for healthy breakfast beverages or a cold, refreshing drink while outdoors on a hot day.
  • POWERFUL & SAFE: This 12-volt blender features a 300-watt motor, 4 food grade stainless steel blades, anti-slip feet and multiple safety protections and reliability for worry-free blending.
  • CONVENIENT & COMPACT: 2 x 20-ounce BPA-Free impact-resistant Tritan blender sports bottles with resealable lids are spill-proof and resilient for travel; cups, lids, and blender body are compact to fit in limited storage space.
  • SINGLE SERVING: Great for fast and easy single servings of your favorite smoothie, juice, protein shake and more. This portable and personal size blender is great for apartments, small spaces, home, office, and cocktail or dinner parties.
  • BLEND UP MORE: Ideal for making smoothies, shakes, icy cocktails, baby food, marinades, salad dressings, fruit smoothies, detox juice cleanse, fruit or vegetable purée.

As many of you know, there are so many benefits that come with Coconut oil and I have found the best way for me to get my daily dose if not more is to incorporate it into my coffee. Since I am traveling in my RV, I find that the perfect product for Coconut Oil, Flax Seed, and Flax CHAI is from Carrington Farms. They actually have single serve pouches which make these easy to take with you anywhere you might travel.

So we have the Rosewill Blender, and the Carrington Farms packs ready to go but what about the coffee, right? My personal choice when I am traveling is again something that is easy to store and perfect for traveling, and that is the Java House Cold Brew Dual-Use Liquid Pods. These babies can either be used in a regular single serve coffee maker or used to make the perfect cold brew coffee or iced coffee. Each of the pods has the perfect amount of concentrated coffee. They have four to choose from including the Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran and of course Decaf.

What You Need To Make Caramel Coconut Iced Coffee Dream:

  • One Java house cold Brew Dual-Use Liquid Pod
  • One to-go pack of Coconut Oil from Carrington Farms
  • Blender
  • Sweetener of Choice or Creamer (I used Caramel Creamer)

All I did was simply add the cold brew and added 6 oz. of water instead of the 8 oz. because of the ice. Depending upon how much ice you like to use, I just filled up the blender bottle with ice. Next, I warmed up the Coconut oil for just a sec in the microwave (you really don’t need to do this, but I like to). Lastly, I added a bit of creamer and some Caramel Flavoring.

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Super simple right? All of these products worked so well together, and all will be featured in our upcoming RV Living Guide, which is a must see soon. I do hope that you check out these products because I must say they are perfect and work very well together. Not to mention you could use them for so many different recipes. Bottoms Up ;)

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