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This white chocolate cherry fudge recipe is super easy to make with just a couple of ingredients, including a secret ingredient that you might never think of! This will soon be your NEW Christmas fudge recipe, trust me.

Christmas fudge

You can make this delicious homemade fudge recipe for a sweet treat any time of year, yet fudge makes a wonderful homemade gift during the holiday season. This white chocolate cherry fudge also makes a great addition to cookie platters and tins and is perfect to package up in cello bags to pass out to teachers and classmates

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Try this delicious Christmas fudge recipe today through my easy-to-follow step-by-step white chocolate cherry fudge recipe below.

White Chocolate Cherry Christmas Fudge

White Chocolate Cherry Fudge ~ Your New Christmas Fudge

White Chocolate Cherry Fudge ~ Your New Christmas Fudge

White Chocolate Cherry fudge will be your new Christmas fudge ~ It's easy to make and great tasting. It will make a nice gift for friends or neighbors!


  • 12 oz white chocolate chips
  • 16 oz container cherry frosting
  • 13 red candied cherries


    1. Line a 9 x 9 inch baking pan with parchment paper.
    2. Cut cherries in half.
    3. In a heat safe glass or metal pan, melt the white chocolate chips over a double boiler until fully melted, stirring often.
    4. Add frosting to chocolate and stir well until combined.
    5. Dump mixture in baking pan, and spread evenly across the pan.
    6. Arrange cherries on top of fudge in 5 rows of 5, using 25 cherry halves. Push cherries into fudge slightly.
    7. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
    8. Cut fudge into squares, one cherry per square of fudge.


This would be a great fudge for Valentine's Day too, don't you think?

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This is one of the easiest Christmas fudge recipes that you’ll find. You can make it in a snap. Your guests will love it! Make some extra and give it as a gift. This delicious homemade fudge recipe makes a great, inexpensive gift for the holidays (or anytime).

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Christmas fudge

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