Easy Halloween Party Game Ideas For All Ages

Halloween Party Games

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If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party, you must play some fun party games! The games below are good for all ages and can be played at a children’s party or an adult party. They are very easy games to play and require little setup. Let the Halloween fun begin!

Wake Up The Zombie Game

Randomly choose one party guest to be IT. Then have the other players pose like zombies. The players must remain motionless and not even crack a smile. IT must go around the room and try to get zombies to wiggle or giggle but without touching them. As soon as a zombie moves, that zombie joins IT and together they try to wake up the other zombies. The last zombie left standing who has not been disturbed is the winner.

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Candy Corn Guessing Game

This is a fun game that your guests can play to see who brings home the door prize. Before your party, fill a jar with candy corn, but count the candy corn as you fill the jar. Then write the number down and keep it in a safe place.

Have each guest write their name on a slip of paper along with their best guess as to how many pieces of candy are in the jar. The party guest who comes the closest to the exact number of pieces of candy in the jar wins a door prize! The door prize can be the jar of candy corn or another door prize that you have ready.

Halloween Memory Game

Place about 10 Halloween items on a tray. The items can include things like a toy ghost, a wrapped Halloween candy bar, a Halloween noisemaker, a plastic spider, etc. Then pass the tray around and let your guests study the tray for about 10 seconds each. After everyone has been able to look at the items on the tray, remove the tray from the room and give everyone a piece of paper and pencil.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and have everyone write a list of the items on the tray. The person who comes up with the most correct items wins. If there is a tie, all the players with the most correct win. TWIST: If you want to fool your guests, a fun way to play this game is to fool them into thinking they need to memorize what is on the tray.

But then when you take the tray away, instead of asking them to write down the items, have the party host leave the room and ask them questions about the party host, like what color Halloween wig is the host wearing or what type of Halloween shoes is the host wearing. The twist in the game will bring lots of moans and groans from the crowd as they realize they’ve been duped!

Pass the Pumpkin Game

In this game, everyone wins so it’s a fun game to play near the end of the party as a way to hand out your party favors. Before the party, buy enough small plastic Halloween pumpkins and fill them with treats that are age-appropriate for your guests. Make sure you fill the pumpkins in a way that the treats do not fall out (you can wrap the pumpkin in plastic wrap if necessary).

Also, buy one big pumpkin, the size a trick-or-treater would use to hold candy, and fill that one with a nicer gift. Have your guests pass one small pumpkin around while you play spooky Halloween music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the pumpkin is out, but they get to keep the pumpkin as a prize.

Then put a different small pumpkin in the mix and play the game again. Continue until there is only one player left. That player is the winner and they win the big pumpkin!

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