30+ Amazing Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

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If you have been following my blog for a while then you are aware that I love books. I’m definitively a book lover and know many people who are as well. Which is why I started looking for gift ideas for book lovers. 

There are so many great gifts for people that love books that aren’t books. I do share my favorite books often on the blog and you can check out some book recommendations here.  

I don’t often give people books as gifts because my tastes may not be their tastes so when it comes to gifts for book lovers I have put together a few awesome ideas that any book lover would enjoy getting. 

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  1. I’d Rather be Reading Bundle 

2. Book Page Art: There are so many of these on Etsy. I just chose to show this Alice one because it’s one of my favorite books and characters but there are a bunch of great ones. 

3. A Really adorable Jane Austen Mug 

4. Novel Teas Tea Bags 

5.  Engraved Bookends 

6. A Reading Journal 

This is something that would be fun to give a book lover to record what they read. 

7. A Bookshelf Infinity Scarf 

8. Magnetic Poetry Kit 

I love these magnet word kits. It’s fun to see what your mind will put together with the words. 

9. Book Throw Pillow 

10. Book Lover Tote Bag 

11. Reading is my Jam T-shirt 

13. A super Cozy Throw 

14. Socks for Book Lovers 

15. Bibliophile 
Gift a book lover this gorgeous illustrated celebration of literature from Jane Mount, founder of Ideal Bookshelf. Each page is packed with lots of fun, including quizzes, literary facts, and book recommendations. This colorful cover will look great displayed on a coffee table or will elevate any #shelfie when tucked away on a bookshelf

16. A Phone Case 

18. One More Chapter Tumbler 

19. Book Lover Candle

Set the mood for reading with these scented candles perfect to give that person who is always curling up with a good book.

20. A Book Light 

21. Infinity Book Bracelet 

22. Metal Bookmark with Tassel 

23. Hello Sunshine Bookmark Set 

24. Book Work Pin 

25. Book S’mores Ornament (This is so cute)

26. Sweaters for the Homebody and Introvert

27. Book Bucket List Scratch off

28. Book Pages Blanket

29. Book Club Kit

30. Library Card Ornaments

31. Book Lover Gift Box

32. For the baby bookworms a book worm onesie

33. Book Lover Popsocket

34 Yes I need these Books Mug

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