20 Valentine’s Day Gifts Men Will Love

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Men can be particularly challenging to shop for.

My stocking Stuffers list for men greatly outperformed my list for women during Christmas.

So I thought I’d put together some Valentine’s day gifts your man will love.

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I love to check out gift guides when I’m stuck trying to find a gift. I hope these Valentine’s gifts will give you an idea of what to get a man in your life. 

My hope is that I have included a good selection of gift ideas that will help you find Valentine’s day gifts your man will love.

These gift ideas are for all different price ranges because I know that not everyone has the same budget for gifts. So I wanted to include a wide price range. 

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1. A barbecue tool Set  for the guys who want to be at the grill

2. A Fire Stick to making watching all your streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu easier to manage. We got one for Christmas and it is wonderful. 

3. A new Watch This is such a timeless gift and a complete range of prices depending on how nice a watch you want to get and what style you are looking for. 

4.  A personalized Keychain 

5.  How about a wallet or money clip to give the guy you love a  stylish new way to hold on to his money 

6. custom cufflinks like these cool ones you can put your wedding vows on

7. earbuds So he can listen to music anywhere he goes. 

8. Portable Speaker

9. Get him a customized phone case with a special photo of the two of you. Check out these super cute ones

10. Help your guy get caffeinated with a new coffee maker  and  personalized mugs for couples 

11. Make sure that he can keep connected to you and the world with this travel charger for his phone and devices.

12. Some Cologne or a shaving kit because even your guy needs a little pampering and to feel good about how he looks and smells. 

13. If your guy likes to do projects around the house. You could get him a set of tools or a power drill

14. How about giving him a new gym bag to help him carry all his gear to workout or play sports 

15.  Does he like to read or spend time online? Well, then a kindle may be the perfect gift idea. 

16. We spend such a large part of our lives in bed so we should make that space comfortable. So how about some new bedding to make where he sleeps super cozy 

17. If your guy is into tech and likes to play he might be excited about this drone with a camera

18.  For the guy who likes a good drink at night, a bottle of wine or whiskey. 

19. Are you good at cooking or baking? Then how about a romantic meal for two and a tasty dessert. 

20. If you are the more creative and crafty type then check out this post of great ideas. 

I hope these ideas for Valentine’s day gifts your man will love have given you some good ideas of what you can give that special man in your life.

Whether he’s interested in sports, technology, stuff for at home or you are looking for a more personal gift. I’ve tried to include it all.

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