How to Dry Mushrooms for Storage

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The hubby loves mushrooms and when I see them at a good price at the store I buy a lot of them. They dry beautifully and rehydrate very well so this gives me the ability to have them on hand to add to dishes all winter long. Our local store had a great deal this week so I sent him in and he came home with 9 packages – he would have gotten more but that was all the store had left.  I put one aside to make him a mushroom sauce for venison – yes you will see the recipe later this week – and the rest I prepared for the dehydrator. With just a little of my time and most of the day in the machine I soon had two quarts of dried mushrooms.

How to Dry Mushrooms

Makes two quarts dried

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8 packages button mushrooms – or as many as you can get!

1. Open the packages of mushrooms as soon as you get them home so they can breathe. If they stay too long in the plastic they will start to sweat.

2. Carefully remove the stems and set aside. I made cream of mushroom soup with mine. You can use them to make a sauce, stock or soup.

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3. Go over each mushroom and dust off any dirt.

4. Slice each cap into three or four slices about 1/2″ thick.

5. Lay the slices on the rack of your dehydrator.

6. Following the instructions of your machine dry the mushrooms until they are very dry, almost crisp. Mine took about 8 hours.

After they have dried remove the pieces to clean mason jars and cover. Keep them in a cabinet away from light and damp. The last time I did this they lasted me all through the winter. Just be sure they are DRY. If there is any moisture left in them mold can form. If this happens DO NOT USE THE MUSHROOMS.

To rehydrate you just need to put however many you need into a bowl of warm water until they soften. The water they soak in is very tasty and useful for gravies and sauces as it is full of mushroom flavor.

Mushroom Recipes:

Venison with Bourbon Fig Mushroom Sauce

Stuffed Chicken with Sherry Cream Mushroom Sauce

Cream of Mushroom Soup

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