17 Jamba Juice Vegan Options You’ll Have To Try

jamba juice vegan options

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Jamba Juice has many vegan options that are so delicious. They use real fruits and veggies in their smoothies, not just flavor packets like some places. Real fruit smoothies always taste so much more fresh.

When I first became vegan I wondered “Is Jamba Juice vegan?” I did some research and found that they do have vegan options at Jamba Juice!

mega mango smoothie from jamba juice being held in a hand with a dark background

Mega Mango

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If you’re looking to make the Mega Mango smoothie at home, here’s a copycat recipe.

Something really nice about Jamba Juice’s menu online is that they have all of the nutritional information on each smoothie and menu item, including the food. You can easily see what fruits and juices are in it, the ingredients, allergen information, dietary information, and nutritional facts.

Some items specifically say vegan and non-dairy under the dietary information. Others do not say this, but the ingredients don’t say anything that would not be vegan, so I’m not sure if those ones are or not. They do appear to be dairy-free though.

Here’s the items that say vegan and non-dairy:

vanilla blue sky vegan smoothie from jamba juice being held in a hand with a brown rock background

Vanilla Blue Sky

These items do not say vegan and non-dairy, but they also don’t have milk under the ingredients like many of the items do:

For the above items, I suggest asking the workers or contacting Jamba Juice about whether they are vegan or not.

I really love the vegan smoothies at Jamba Juice. My absolute favorite vegan thing I’ve had on their menu is the Smooth Talkin’ Mango smoothie. It’s a blend of mangos, pineapple, oat milk, and organic agave. I love the thick, smooth consistency of it and the oat milk makes it so creamy.

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pumpkin smash plant based smoothie in a jamba juice cup with an orange straw, being held up against a light background

They have some seasonal vegan smoothies that are awesome. I crave the plant based version of the pumpkin smash smoothie regularly. You can get this in the fall. Make sure you specify that you want plant based.

jamba juice plant based birthday cake bash smoothie with rainbow sprinkles held in a hand against a light blue background

They also have a birthday cake smoothie that is pretty good. I love that it has rainbow sprinkles in it, but I do wish it had a little less of the sprinkles.

I also like their Peach Perfection vegan smoothie. It has a peach juice blend, peaches, mangos, apple-strawberry juice blend, and strawberries. It tastes like you added peaches to the Mega Mango smoothie.

The Pomegranate Paradise smoothie is good, but not my favorite. It’s pretty tart, but still refreshing.

Pomegranate Paradise Smoothie from jamba juice in a clear cup with an orange straw being held in a hand

Pomegranate Paradise Smoothie

The next things that I plan on trying from Jamba Juice is the Apple Cinnamon Pretzel. I’ve always thought that pretzel looks amazing, but assumed it wasn’t vegan. I can’t wait to try it now!

I’m so glad that Jamba Juice has vegan options and that they take the time to note certain items as vegan on their website. Jamba Juice smoothies are so refreshing and it makes me happy that vegans can enjoy them.

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