Large Party Group Games for All Ages

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When you have a large group it can be a challenge to come up with fun party games.

It can be especially hard when the large group has young kids all the way up to adults.

But, there are games that can be done throughout the party, or when guest walk in that are simple and fun for everyone.

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The games listed below are passive game ideas and can be done throughout the event, basically you don’t need all guests’ attention at a time.

You’ll love these creative, fun, and simple large party group games.

Sneaky Sticker Ninja

This is a great game that occurs throughout the party.

As guests are mingling they will try to stick stickers on other guests’ without them knowing.

If there is a prize at stake, or you want to truly verify the winner, give each quest a sticker sheet of a different color.

Follow the steps below:

  1. As guests walk in the door give them a sheet of stickers. I recommend a sheet with approximately 8 to 12 stickers.
  2. Tell the guests (or put up a sign with the rules) to sneakily stick stickers on other guests without them knowing.
  3. If the sneaky sticker applier gets caught, the guest that caught them gets to put a sticker from their sheet somewhere on them.
  4. The person that empties their sticker sheet the quickest is the winner!

Missing: Have you Seen Me?

This game is another passive party game that can be done throughout the entire event. As people are mingling they will look for the “missing” item. You will post a sign for a missing item and the guest will have to find it somewhere in the party area. Follow the steps below:

  1. Post signs around the party that are similar to a missing animal poster, like the “missing: have you seen me?” signs.
  2. Make sure there is a clear picture on the sign, so guests know exactly what they’re looking for.
  3. Guests will search for the “missing” object throughout the room. The missing object may be a stuffed animal for a kids party, a rose for a bridal shower, a diaper for a baby shower, etc.
  4. The first person to find and present the “missing” item is the winner!

Pin the Tail on Anything..

This is similar to the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead of a donkey you can use any animal or object.

For a kids party you might use a bear, for a bridal shower you might use a diamond ring, for a baby shower you might use a diaper, etc.

Keep in mind that you may not always be pinning a tail, you will pin something on the object that you choose.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create or purchase a poster of your liking. This will be what you use to pin something onto it. For example, if you’re using a bear you will have a bear poster.
  2. Hang the poster up in the party room somewhere at about eye level or so.
  3. Create duplicates of the item that will be pinned onto the poster. You will want enough for each guest to play. For example, if you are pinning on a diamond to a ring, make many diamonds.
  4. Place a round piece of tape on the back of each item you just created.
  5. You can either use a scarf or blacked sunglasses as a blindfold.
  6. When guests arrive put their name on the item they will be pinning.
  7. Put the blindfold or sunglasses on the guest.
  8. Hand them the item they are going to be pinning.
  9. Gently spin them around three times.
  10. They are to walk towards the poster and try to pin the item in the correct spot.
  11. Once they have pinned the item, they can remove their blindfold.
  12. After all guests have attempted the game, look and see who is the closest.
  13. The person closest to the correct spot, wins!

What’s in the Jar?

With this game you will have a jar or container that is blackened, so guests can’t see what’s inside.

They will have to guess what item or objects is in the jar.

  1. Find a jar or container and blacken it. You can spray paint it black, or use a container that isn’t see-through.
  2. Fill the jar with some sort of object that relates to the party theme. For example, you can fill it with baby wipes, baby corn, tulle, a veil, a candle, garters, mini toys, or just about anything.
  3. When guests arrive have them stick their hand in the container and guess what’s inside.
  4. They can put their guess on a sheet of paper with their name.
  5. The winner or winners are the guests that guessed the correct item!

How Many are in There?

This is a popular game when it comes to large parties.

You fill a jar or container with an item and guests have to guess how many are inside. Follow these steps:

  1. Find a jar or container that is see-through.
  2. Fill the jar with a creative item. For example, you may fill it with candy, toys, rings, etc.
  3. When guests arrive have them guess how many items are in the jar.
  4. They will write their name and guess onto a piece of paper.
  5. The person that guessed the closest to the amount in the jar is the winner.
  6. If you want, the winner can either win the jar with the items inside, or a different prize.

Want to learn more? Watch this video for more info and even more ideas!

Large Parties Can Play Games!

Sometimes it seems like a challenge to find games that work for a large amount of people.

With these games you are able to involve everyone, and no one feels left out.

It’s fun to play passive games with a large group party, as everyone gets involved and no one feels left out.

They are also great for shy or outgoing guests, so no one will be embarrassed, but they’re still very entertaining.

You will love playing games when you have a large group to entertain!

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