Fun New Years Eve Activities For Kids

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New Years Eve, a time of new beginnings and taking stock of the old year, is an important celebration for all.

Many families want to include the children in the festivities, but the night can get long and the children bored.

So what do you do with your children so that you can include them and help them have fun ringing in the New Year?

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Staying up late

Children always want to stay up late, but seldom get the opportunity. This is a chance for your child to feel special, as a part of the celebration, and because they can have a special treat and stay up late with the adults. 

Invite other children

Having their playmates come over will make the night extra special for the children. If you invite families, you’ll have the children, and the adults to help watch them. Company always adds to the excitement level of any celebration.

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Plan games for all

Have several games planned out for all. Charades is a game almost everyone can participate in. You can have areas set aside for board games as well. One idea is to find clipart pictures related to the New Year and make up a New Year’s Bingo game with prizes for the winning players. Try to have a large area for the children to just play, and if you live in a temperate area, they can play outside during part of the evening. Such games as hide and seek or tag come to mind.

New Year’s Crafts

Most children (and adults) enjoy crafting. You can have a craft time or have areas for people to create certain crafts. Why not have guests make a New Year’s hat and a necklace or two. Some of the crafts could be educational and help the child learn why the celebration happens, or even how others celebrate it.

ball drop

Build up the excitement by sharing, old or new, traditions

Many like to watch the ball drop at Times Square at midnight. Have noisemakers (the children may make them) and confetti at hand, as you come together for this moment of saying goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one. You can use this time as an opportunity for learning and family bonding. Don’t forget to help your child make new years resolutions and look back at the past year.
These ideas will get you started. Use your imagination and see where it takes you!

Your children may also have ideas of things they would like to do such as bake cookies or make candy.

Remember, if you have fun, your children probably will too.

So, relax, smile, laugh, and enjoy your New Year celebration together!

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