20 Delicious Must-Try Coffee Recipes

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Do you love coffee? I know I do! In fact, I’m drinking a cup of coffee right now. Coffee is not only delicious, but it’s also fantastic for jumpstarting your day. If you’re like me and you love coffee, then you’ll love these 20 delicious must-try coffee recipes. From mochas to lattes to frappuccinos, there’s something for everyone here. So go ahead and give some of these recipes a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Lattes are a coffee lover’s dream come true. They’re creamy, delicious, and perfect for any time of day. A latte is a coffee drink that is made with espresso and steamed milk. It is typically served with a layer of foam on top. Lattes are one of my favorite coffee drinks and they’re also easy to make. Here are a few great latte recipes that you’ve got to try.

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1. Starbucks Iced Dirty Chai Latte Copycat

Chai tea and coffee come together perfectly in this iced dirty chai latte. it’s a delightful, creamy, and revitalizing pick-me-up that rivals Starbucks.

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

So easy and so flavorful, this pumpkin latte will have you hitting the brakes on your morning coffee run. Not to mention, it’ll save you some dough in the long run.

3. Iced Oat Milk Latte

In less than ten minutes, you can make this delicious Iced Oat Milk Latte. This beverage is a fantastic replica of a Starbucks creation because it contains oat milk and espresso, plus brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup mix!

4. Starbucks Pistachio Latte Copycat

Do you find yourself dreaming of Starbucks Pistachio Lattes? With this recipe, the deliciousness can be yours for only a fraction of the cost! This indulgent beverage blends espresso and milk with pistachio syrup that rivals its store-bought counterpart. To finish it off perfectly, top your creation off with some frothed milk and brown butter/brown sugar; sure to make it even better than what you’d buy in stores!


Mocha is a delicious coffee drink that combines chocolate and coffee. It’s perfect for any time of day, and it’s sure to satisfy your cravings for both chocolate and coffee. Here are a few great mocha recipes to try.

5. Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha Copycat

This Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha Copycat Recipe is a simple and quick 5-ingredient meal that can save you money and time. It’s smooth, thick, and delicious, too!

6. Bicerin Coffee

The Bicerin is a delicious coffee and cocoa beverage produced in Turin. When you make this hot beverage at home, try it with a virtual trip to Italy!


A frappuccino is a coffee-based beverage that is made with espresso, milk, and ice. It is typically served cold and topped with whipped cream. Frappuccinos are a popular choice for coffee lovers and they are easy to make. Here are a few recipes for delicious frappuccinos that you’ll love.

7. Cookies & Cream Frappuccino

Iced coffee doesn’t have to be bland any longer! Cookies & Cream Frappuccino, which is both gluten-free and soy-free, is now vegan as well! This easy-to-make homemade blend has all of the sweet taste without the cost and takes little effort!

8. Healthy Frappuccino

A healthy homemade frappuccino, with just 5 simple ingredients. You’ve got to try this recipe!

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee can be as basic as simply using coffee and ice, or it can be more extravagant with delicious ingredients. If you’ve never had an iced coffee before then you should certainly give these recipes a try!

9. Simple Iced Coffee

Brew up a healthy iced coffee at home using almond milk instead of dairy for a sugar-free, low-calorie alternative to Starbucks.

10. Iced Pumpkin Chai Latte

Savor the flavors of Fall with this oh-so-delightful Homemade Iced Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte recipe! All it takes is four ingredients – pumpkin, espresso, milk, and chai spices – for you to whip up your very own cup of seasonal bliss. Enjoy an unforgettable refreshment that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds!

11. Dalgona Coffee

With only a few easy-to-find ingredients, you can whip up this delicious budget-friendly coffee at home. Make it hot or cold, with any kind of milk you like.

12. Coffee Milk

Craving a cool and refreshing drink on hot summer days? Try coffee milk! It’s made with coffee syrup, which is created by boiling coffee, sugar, and water until it forms a thick syrup. It’s sure to hit the spot on a hot day.

Decadent Coffee

Decadent coffee is a coffee drink that is made with high-quality ingredients and is meant to be enjoyed slowly and savored. It is a treat for coffee lovers and it is the perfect way to indulge in your love of coffee. If you’re looking for a delicious and indulgent coffee drink, then be sure to try one of these recipes. You won’t be disappointed!

13. Chocolate Caramel Affogato

Impress your significant other or closest friends with this easy-to-follow recipe for a Chocolate Caramel Affogato that’s both gluten-free and vegan! With only two ingredients, this rich and indulgent twist on the classic Italian dessert is sure to be a hit at your next date night or girl’s night in!

14. Affogato Al Caffe

A delicious affogato is just two simple ingredients away!

15. Coffee Milk Tea

Hong Kong Coffee milk tea is a straightforward 4-ingredient, 3-step brew that anyone can create at home. It’s both creamy and warming in the cold months, but cooling and invigorating in the warm months!

16. Cafe De La Olla

Café de Olla is a sweet, Traditional Mexican coffee drink made with unrefined cane sugar and spices. It’s the perfect addition to any Sunday brunch or weekday breakfast.

17. Iced Boba Coffee

Make this delicious and refreshing Iced Boba Coffee at home in a fraction of the time – and for less money – than it would take to go out. All you need are six simple ingredients!

Coffee Add-on

There are a variety of different coffee add-ons that you can use to enhance your coffee-drinking experience.

18. Sweet Cream Cold Foam

This delicious cold cream foam Starbucks copycat drink is simple to make and requires only a few components.

19. Simple 3-Ingredient Homemade Coffee Creamer

When was the last time you read the ingredients list on your favorite coffee creamer? I know that when I read the label on mine, I was shocked at the oils and additives in it. It certainly made me think that there has to be a better way without just drinking straight black coffee (no thank you!). This coffee creamer recipe is so simple it’ll make you wonder why you haven’t been making your own creamer already.

20. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Creamer Recipe

Don’t wait for the specialty pumpkin spice coffee creamer to hit the stores, make your own and have it any time of the year!

I hope that this list of 20 delicious coffee recipes has given you the inspiration to try something new. Whether you’re looking for a caffeine-fueled pick-me-up or a luxurious after-dinner treat, these recipes will help you find the perfect fit. So go ahead and try something new — you won’t be disappointed!

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