The Best Christmas Card Ideas

The best Christmas card ideas

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Is there anything more traditional than sending a Christmas card  It seems that new technologies are gaining ground on Christmas because of the immediacy and ease of sending an email or WhatsApp. But we are staunch defenders of traditions and surely more than one has changed the congratulations by email and then returned to physical congratulations, especially when there are children at home. And there is nothing more beautiful than a dedicated and personalized Christmas and if, in addition, it is handmade, the result is remarkable. From here, we are going to propose some very cool models of Christmas cards so that you can easily make them yourself at home.

Christmas cards with pearls

Take a cardboard of some color, for example, blue or orange and draw a line and a hanging ball. Then, fill the ball with white pearls that you buy in a bag. Then glue a white satin ribbon over the line, acting as the string from which the ball hangs. Make a bow with that ribbon and stick it on the ball. It will be great. You can also do this, for example, by drawing a fir tree on white cardboard and sticking green beads to fill it and finish it off with some sautéed red beads that act as balls. The options can be thousands, you just have to give it a little imagination.

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Christmas cards with watermarks

Take colored cardboard or sheets, depending on the figure you want to put on your card, for example, if you want a fir tree, get green and red sheets. Cut thin red strips and roll them up to form snails and sticking each end with glue so they don’t come apart. Then cut other greens and make small cuts on one side and do the same as with the previous one, leaving the cuts on the upper part -the one that will be seen when it is glued-; in this way, they will look like petals or leaves. Then draw a triangle that forms the top of the fir tree and fill almost everything with green -simulating the top- and insert some alternate red -the balls-. The trunk can be painted or filled with a piece of cardboard. Photo: Video tips.

3D Tree Christmas Cards

Take green sheets of paper and cut rectangles of six different lengths and widths (two of each). Then take a piece of white card or paper and fold it into a card. Next, zigzag fold the green strips. Take the larger ones and glue one end to the spine of the card, then apply glue to the other end and fold the other end of the card over so the strip sticks. Do the same by gluing the other longer one higher. And so on with each one from highest to lowest. Then you can stick a star sticker and decorate the card however you like.

Christmas Cards Eva Rubber Tree

Take colored EVA foam and cut uneven strips of colors from longest to shortest, cut a longer one in brown that acts as a trunk. Paste the trunk on a white cardboard and then stick the stripes on top of it from largest to smallest. Then she cuts out a star and glues it on top. You can paste some colored button or bead.

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Christmas Cards Felt Trees

Cut out triangles that act as treetops and stick them on a rectangle of felt that acts as a card, then stick that same card on another cardstock or cardboard to give it rigidity. Then cut out a square to stick as a trunk and add colored buttons to the tree. Source: educational images.

Christmas card with fabric candles

Cut small strips of fabric in different patterns (you can also do this with paper) and glue them in a row on the card. If the colors are soft, take a black cardboard to make it stand out. Paint the highlights with white marker. Source: etsi.

Christmas cards with fir tree with wool

Take a sheet of paper or cardboard and draw a triangle that forms the top of a pine tree. Make holes on the sides and go through a piece of wool to make straight lines with it. Finish with a loop.

Glitter tip. To decorate Christmas cards, glitter can be great. A trick to fix it is to draw the letters or drawing you want to form with glue or silicone and then sprinkle the glitter covering it. Then shake the card and only the drawing you wanted will be shiny.

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