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I was sent a free copy of Taco Obsession by Adriana Martin for my honest review. A recipe post and full review will follow in short order.

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Taco Obsession

Table of Contents

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About Taco Obsession:

Make every day Taco Tuesday

Tacos just might be the perfect food. They’re affordable, portable—and delicious! Explore every facet of this quintessential street food with this comprehensive taco recipe book, filled with traditional home-style dishes and expert guidance to help you capture the magic of Mexican tacos.

  • Know your taco history—Become a taco aficionado as you learn about their origins, the evolution of taco culture, and the regional differences in cooking techniques.
  • Stock your kitchen—Make sure you’re prepared to whip up a taco feast with a rundown of common ingredients, helpful kitchen equipment, and suggestions for the perfect drink pairings.
  • Create a range of flavors—Indulge in a variety of classic and contemporary recipes, from traditional Chicken Pastor Tacos to Asian-Inspired Orange Pork Tacos.

Prepare authentic Mexican tacos from the comfort of your kitchen with this comprehensive taco cookbook.

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You can purchase Taco Obsession on Amazon.com

About the Author:

Adriana Martin is a home chef and founder of adrianasbestrecipes.com. She is a Latina food writer specializing in recipe development influenced by Mexico’s culinary culture and European cuisine.

Her grandmother taught her how to cook, and now her mission is to inspire others to make homemade meals. She has a passion for baking Mexican artisanal bread and classic desserts.


Adriana also teaches online cooking classes and is a trained food stylist and photographer. She has published thousands of recipes online and is the author of “The Best of Mexican Cooking – 75 Authentic Home-Style Recipes for Beginners” and “The Super Easy Taco Cookbook.”

LATISM has recognized Adriana as the Top 100 most influential Latina bloggers due to her contributions to the blogosphere, social media influence, and involvement with the community to raise awareness about child hunger in the Orlando area.

In addition, Hispanicize and Telemundo awarded Adriana with the TECLA Awards under the category of best food creator. The Tecla Awards is a national awards program that honoring top multicultural content creators’ achievements.

I will have a review and recipe demonstration up for Taco Obsession in the next week or so. Be sure to stay tuned so you can read my thoughts and check out a delicious recipe – but sneak peak; it’s a great cookbook!


“Tacos are enjoyed by people in every walk of life, and in recent years, the fusion of different cuisines has given rise to a whole new generation of taco lovers. This book gives you plenty of ideas for creating memorable meals. 

Taco Obsession is an inspiration for beginning and seasoned cooks alike, taking us on a delicious road trip throughout Mexico with recipes from various regions of the country.

It’s a delightful cookbook that will become one of your go-to favorites!” —Jane Bonacci, author of The Gluten-Free Bread Machine Cookbook and The Gluten-Free Instant Pot Cookbook, owner of The Heritage Cook food blog

Taco Obsession will leave you madly obsessed with the culinary marvel of Mexican cuisine: TACOS! Adriana Martin’s cookbook is full of traditional and contemporary recipes, both savory and sweet, that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

It celebrates the magical flavors of Mexico like none other!” —Chef Denise Browning, author of The Complete 5-Ingredient Cookbook

“Full of bold flavors and endless dinner inspiration, Taco Obsession is loaded with authentic taco recipes for everyone to enjoy. Adriana does a remarkable job introducing the beautiful flavors and culture that Mexican cuisine has to offer.” —Samantha Ferraro, author of The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen

“Adriana does an extraordinary job of diving deep into the world of tacos, including their history and many variations.

She takes the reader on a vibrant culinary journey to celebrate wonderful flavors, textures, and spices—with the added bonus of perfect taco pairings to peruse.

This is a gem of a book that will continue to inspire me for many years to come!” —Kristen Wood, cookbook author and creator of MOONandspoonandyum.com

Taco Obsession by Adriana Martin is for all of us that are obsessed with tacos and Mexican cuisine. Once again, she gives us authentic Mexican recipes with expert tips that help us make outstanding tacos as easily as possible.

The regional information and history of tacos is well worth reading. Included are great tips and fun drink pairings, too. If you love tacos and are looking for many more outstanding taco recipes, this book is for you.” —Marilyn Haugen, best-selling cookbook author, recipe developer, and food blogger at MavenCookery.com


Cookbook Empire!

I am looking forward to going through this delightful cookbook and trying several of the tasty looking recipes and then sharing one with you plus my full review in the next week or so.

Be sure to stay tuned for that! In the meanwhile be sure to check out Chef Adriana’s other cookbooks that I have reviewed on the blog:

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