The Best Way to Make Rainbow Rice

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Looking for something your kids will love to play with? Here’s the easiest way to make rainbow rice. It’s perfect for sensory play.

I don’t know about you, but my kids love to play with rice! It’s so cheap, easy, and fun to make colored rice.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing with it! You can put it in a bin and add bugs or insects to create a bug world, mini fairies to make a fairy garden, zoo animals, ocean animals, really any kind of animal. You could also make cardboard cutouts of hearts or stars. Add numbers or letters to it for a fun educational game. The sky’s the limit with colored rice!

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I have two posts that give step-by-step instructions how to make colored rice using different ingredients. This post uses food coloring and this post uses acrylic paint. Both recipes work great! Use whichever one you have the ingredients for.

Blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple


Either this or this colored rice

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A big bowl

Pastel colored mixed rice


Put all of the colored rice into a big bowl. Mix it together and you’re done! I told you, it was so easy!

Primary colors mixed rice

So far, I’ve made pastel and primary colors rice. I can’t wait to make even more! My kids love putting the rice into bowls and scooping it from the bin to the bowls. I absolutely love watching them play with something that I made. It brings me great joy!

Three hands mixing the colored rice.


How do you make rainbow rice?

Make between 4-8 different bags of colored rice and mix them together to make rainbow rice.

Is rainbow rice taste safe?

As long as you use non-toxic paint or food coloring, rainbow rice is taste safe.

What can you do with colored rice?

You can add rainbow rice to any sensory bin! You can also grab different colored toys, trinkets, or household items to a bin to make a rainbow sensory bin.

How do you make pastel colored rice?

To make pastel rainbow rice, use pastel acrylic paint or food coloring.

My daughter and son playing with the rice.

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Final Thoughts on The Best Way to Make Rainbow Rice:

I hope you like this as much as we do! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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