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Back in April I shared all about the Wildgrain subscription bread box. It’s full of delicious breads, pastries, pastas and cookies that you receive to bake at home. I can tell you that everything I received in my box was very delicious like the linguine I was sent in my last box.

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wildgrain box

Now you can customize your box! Options include:

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•A mixed box where you can pick your own delicious loaves of Wildgrain bread, pasta, and pastries.

• A pastry only box where you are able to grab choice Wildgrain pastry options.

• A bread only box where you can snag all your fave Wildgrain bread loaves.

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• A new Vegan bread-only box!

So just imagine receiving a box of deliciousness of your choosing! Croissants at the ready to heat and eat. Bread ready to heat up and use as you will. What could be better?

Wildgrain will continue to offer the same seasonal and rotating add-ons they have always had. Now you can just add more of your favorites into your own customizable box!

And to top it all off Wildgrain boxes ship FREE. So what are you waiting for?

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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