24 Ways to Show Your Spouse You Love and Care About Them on Valentine’s Day

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I know we just started the year but the next holiday is Valentine’s day and that got me thinking about how I could show love more on a daily basis.

I’m not super affectionate by nature, but I’d like to be so this list is something I’m going to be doing as well. These are phrased from a wife to a husband but any relationship could use them.

So here are 24 ways to show your spouse you love and care anytime.

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1. Say thank you more often for the little things he does.

2. Send a loving or playful text to put a smile on his face

3. When you are out of  the house pick up a little treat or snack for him just because

4. Let him chose the movie or show you watch together.

5. When he’s has a hard day be encouraging and supportive.

6.  Pay him a compliment, we all like to hear something nice.

7. When he’s stressed give him a little neck massage

8. Tell him you love him at least once a day.

9. make him a favorite meal

10. Ask him about his day

11.Kiss him or her goodbye every day when they leave

12. Hold hands when you’re sitting together

13. tell him what a good husband he is.

14. Tell him what a good father he is.

15. say nice things about him to others

16. avoid nagging him.

17. Don’t criticize him, especially in front of other people

18. Give him space to do things that he enjoys or relaxes him, watching a movie or playing video games

19. make time for a date together

20. make sure to say sorry when you are in the wrong

21. take an interest in one of his interests

22. Put a little more effort into your own appearance

23. avoid bringing up past mistakes

24. Appreciate the good times and try to forgive and let go of the bad.

These are just a few of the many ways to show your spouse you love and care about them.

Remember that this is good to do all year and not just on the special days like anniversaries or Valentine’s day.

Let them know they are special all the time.

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