5 Reasons Why Every Home Decor Lover Needs A Cricut Joy

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So as most of you know this year for me has been the year of the Cricut. I have totally and utterly fallen in love with the Cricut Joy. Today I wanted to not only share with you a super simple farmhouse style wreath but 5 reasons why every decor lover needs a Cricut Joy.

Home Decor is a true passion of mine. I adore making things unique or personalized to my home. Having a Cricut Joy you can do just about anything your little heart might desire, not to mention you don’t need a huge craft room to create amazing items.

One of my favorite crafts that I did this month, and there has been several is this super cute wreath that I made totally using the Cricut Joy and Dollar Tree items. I just think this came out so cute, not to mention it is so easy. As most of you know I am literally one handed when it comes to doing anything because of my surgeries and I was able to do this totally with one hand.

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What You Need:

  • Cricut Joy
  • Black Smart Vinyl
  • Dollar Tree Wreath Form
  • 5 Packages of Shelf Liner
  • Dollar Tree Wooden Heart

To make the wreath itself it is so simple. Once you have everything all you do is use the shelf liner to form your wreath. Using the middle wire as a guide you simply push the shelf liner through. The object is to hide the two outside wires. I made a little video to help you see exactly what I mean. I am so sorry for the quality of the video. I am still healing and nothing is cooperating with me…lol…

Next, it is time to pull out your Cricut Joy and Smart Vinyl. I used black but you really can use any color. Heck….You can use any saying as well in the Cricut Design Space. There are so many different designs to choose from.

[cboxarea id="cbox-IVEtmKHDExiTjpDi"]

Once you have your saying you would like for the middle of the wreath simply print. Could not be easier.

If you don’t like the heart hanging in the middle, using mini clothes pins makes it super cute as well.

This is just one of the many projects you can do at home with little experience when it comes to crafting. That is what really makes the Cricut Joy so much fun, the sky is the limit.

5 Reasons Every Decor Lover Needs A Cricut Joy

My five reasons that you need a Cricut Joy is very simple. The first reason for me is the design of the Joy. If I would have realized how compact it was soon, I certainly would have bought one as soon as they came out.

My second reason that you need a Cricut Joy to create amazing new home decor items is that you can really personalize items. I did a posting not long ago on how I took a plain candle and make it fit in our home beautifully.


Taking something so simple and being able to personalize it is so much fun. Now I just look around my home for ways that I can use my Cricut Joy to make small items beautiful.

The third reason that a Cricut Joy is perfect for any home decor lover is that you are not limited to just using vinyl. Many people when you think of Cricut just think of vinyl but with the joy, you can also use Infusible Ink.

Infusible Ink is so much fun to use and personally, I love how it turns out. I did a porch posting awhile back showcasing a mixture of Infusible ink as well as vinyl on a pillow. Using the Infusible ink I would highly recommend that you also purchase a Easy Press, which, like its name, makes it easy :)

For the picture above the letters were in smart-iron on vinyl and the chairs were made with infusible Ink. Using the Easy Press and the Cricut Joy it is so simple to use different Cricut materials.

My fourth reason that you might want to consider a Cricut Joy is that, as I said earlier in the posting you don’t need a huge craft room with tons of mats and different products to get your designs done.

Using the Cricut Joy they have “smart vinyl”. Smart Vinyl is so easy to use and you don’t need different mats to use them. They simply go into the Cricut Joy without a mat. This helps with eliminating a ton of space that we would have to use from different cutting mats. Also it gives you more time to do what you love and create.

My last reason to invest in a Cricut Joy is that the possibilities are endless. Cricut is always coming out with amazing new designs in their Cricut Design Space that you can easily use in your home.

You can layer the vinyl to make eye-catching new items from old items that might be laying around.

These are just five reasons that a Cricut Joy is perfect for any home decor lover. Nothing I have ever owned when it comes to being able to do crafts or vinyl has been simpler and I recommend it to everyone I know.

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