Unicorn DIY Wine Bottle

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With Mother’s Day approaching I wanted to share a super cute idea to give mom her favorite wine! I just hate giving a gift of wine in a simple bag or wrapping, so I wanted to share with you this Unicorn DIY Wine Bottle idea!

Let’s be honest with each other. Most mom’s love a great bottle of wine and these turned out so perfectly! Not only that but they are super simple to recreate on your own with just a few items.


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  • Gold Glitter Paper
  • Unicorn Eye Stickers (Hobby Lobby)
  • Pink Glitter Hearts (Dollar Tree)
  • Flowers 
  • Wine Bottle
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 

You can really do this with any wine but a white bottle makes these come out even better. The first thing you will want to do is to remove all of the labelings and get your supplies together.

Next, take the gold sparkle paper and cut out a large unicorn horn. Make sure it’s enough that it covers the skinny part of the wine bottle.

You will want to glue the unicorn horn onto the wine bottle so that it covers the skinny part of the bottle. Next, use your flowers to cover the bottom of the unicorn horn where it meets the thick part of the wine bottle.

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Now, let’s do the eyes. If you can’t find the eyes you would like to use you could always draw them nicely with a sharpie. Having tremors this is not an option for me, heck I can’t draw a straight line.

Lastly, we will add the heart cheeks! I think this just gives it the perfect little touch and finishes off your perfect wine bottle gift.

So simple right? I just love how these came out and really think that they make a little cute gift for any wine lover and a great option if you don’t just want to hand them a bottle of wine.

I am going to start to share more little DIY projects and I do hope that you subscribe and follow me on Social media. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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