50 Fall Color Palettes: Beautiful Autumn Color Schemes

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Fall just might be the most beautiful season of the year. Leaves turn from green to gorgeous shades of red, orange, and purple. Orange, green, and white pumpkins adorn our porches. Colorful chunky sweaters warm our bodies. 

Because of fall’s vast beauty, many of us want to capture the perfect autumn color scheme to use for events and decor. But, because of the many different color options the season brings, it can be hard to find the perfect palette. 

That’s why I put together fifty fall color schemes inspired from real-life photos taken in autumn to inspire you to choose the perfect colors. From pumpkin patches, to cozy fall living rooms, you’ll find a variety of color schemes to choose from here. 

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Table of Contents

How to Use These Color Palettes

You can use fall colors in so many different things. Use these autumn palettes to inspire your:

  • Wedding colors and decor
  • Paint colors for your home
  • Craft projects
  • Fall/autumn decorations
  • Quilt fabrics
  • Makeup selections
  • Room decor
  • Thanksgiving tablescapes and decor
  • Wardrobe selections
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media posts

Autumn Color Hex Codes

To make using these color schemes even easier, I have included a hex code on each color. This way, you can use them digitally and match them perfectly. 

Each color and code was pulled from the attached stock photos so you know they naturally compliment each other. 

Fall and Autumn Seasonal Colors

The most popular and prevalent fall/autumn colors are:

  • Oranges
  • Reds
  • Yellows
  • Greens
  • Browns
  • Purples
  • Blues

Autumn falls between summer and winter so it catches a lot of colors from both sides just like spring does. You’ll still see greens and colors from many plants and flowers. However, you’ll catch a lot of muted tones that are consistent with the later fall season and early winter. 

True Autumn Color Palette

Here is a true fall color palette that you would find in nature. You can create your own by using any autumn scene and selecting individual colors from it.

True Autumn Color Palette
True Autumn Color Palette

Fall Color Palettes

Here are fifty autumn color palettes for you to use on your next project or event. Hopefully you gain some inspiration from these color schemes and find one for you. Feel free to mix and match individual colors until you get the perfect mix.

1. Fall Color Palette by the River

Fall color palette

2. Gourds Color Scheme

autumn gourds colors with hex code

3. Colorful Fall Gourds

autumn gourds colors

4. Bright Fall Color Palette

autumn leaves color palette with hex code

5. Classic Fall Leaf Colors

classic fall leaves colors

6. Pumpkin Pie Fall Color Scheme

Pumpkin Pie

7. Load of Pumpkins

autumn truck palette with hex code

8. Blue and Green Autumn Color Scheme

blue green pumpkin

9. Candy Corn Color Palette

candy corn fall colors with hex code

10. Muted, Natural Fall Color Palette

corn maze fall color palette

11. Deep Autumn Palette

deep fall colors

12. Warm Autumn Color Palette

warm autumn colors

13. Bright Fall Garden

fall pumpkin flowers colors with hex code

14. Fall Scene Colors

fall scene colors with hex code

15. Rich Fall Food Color Scheme

rich fall colors

16. Fall Foliage Palette

moody fall foliage colors with hex code

17. Warm, Muted Fall Color Palette

muted fall palette

18. Sunflower Color Scheme

sunflower fall color palette

19. Pink and Red Autumn Color Scheme

thanksgiving table colors with hex code

20. Bright Orange and Green Fall Palette

thanksgiving table colors

21. Fall Daisy Color Palette

african daisy fall color palette with hex code

22. Warm Autumn Color Palette

warm autumn palette

23. Moody Autumn Colors

moody autumn

24. Feminine Fall Colors

feminine fall colors

25. Autumn Forest Color Scheme

Autumn Forest

26. Cozy, Muted Fall Color Palette

cozy color scheme with hex code

27. Fall Aesthetic Color Scheme

cozy fall color palette with hex code

28. Colorful Autumn Garden

fall garden color scheme

29. Light Autumn Color Scheme

Light Autumn Color Scheme

30. Dark Fall Color Scheme

fall porch color scheme with hex code

31. Warm Fall Color Palette

fall scene color scheme

32. Autumn Sunset

fall sunset

33. Fall Color Scheme with Light Blue

fall tablescape

34. Rich Autumn Palette

marigolds color palette

35. Bright, Cheery Autumn Color Scheme

36. Deep Autumn Color Scheme

pumpkin spice moody fall color palette with hex code

37. Fall Succulents Color Scheme

suculents fall color palette

38. Warm, Neutral Fall Color Palette

autumn aesthetic color palette

39. Bright Contrast Fall Color Scheme

bright fall color palette

40. Rich Autumn Colors

rich colors

41. Muted Autumn Color Palette

autumn flowers color palette

42. Rich, Colorful Fall Scheme

43. Deep, Neutral Autumn Color Palette

Muted, Neutral Fall Scape

44. Dark, Deep Fall Colors

dark fall color palette

45. Moody Fall Aesthetic Color Palette

dark fall color palette

46. Blue Fall Color Palette

fall aesthetic color palette

47. Rich Fall Aesthetic Color Scheme

fall aesthetic color palette

48. Fall Makeup Color Palette

fall makeup color palette

49. Beautiful, Deep Autumn Colors

fall apple cider color palette

50. Cheery Autumn Color Scheme

fall food color palette

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