112 Fun Trivia Questions (and Answers) for Baby Shower Games

112 Fun Trivia Questions (and Answers) for Baby Shower Games

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Baby shower trivia games are really fun to play and get all of your guests involved. There are so many variations of trivia games that you can choose from. If you’re putting the game together yourself, you’ll need to come up with questions to ask your guests. 

That’s where this list comes in! Whether you’re looking for baby shower trivia questions about mom and dad, interesting facts, nursery rhymes, or predictions about the baby, you’ve come to the right place. 

The ideas below can be mixed and matched to create the perfect trivia game for your baby shower. You can focus on the fun baby shower games without trying to come up with all of the questions on your own. Let’s talk about baby shower trivia games and then get into the list of fun questions you can ask your guests. 

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Fun Trivia Questions (and Answers) for Baby Shower Games

About Baby Shower Trivia Games

If you’ve ever been to a baby shower function, you probably played a few party games. In my experience, trivia games are always one of the best games. Everyone has a chance to win and they take up a good amount of time. 

Don’t forget the prizes! You’ll need some prizes for the winners of your trivia games. Check out these baby shower prizes that guests actually love.

How Do You Play Baby Shower Trivia Games?

You can run your trivia games however you’d like. In most cases, baby shower guests play individually and are each given a sheet of paper with the trivia questions. You may prefer to set them up into small groups depending on the type of trivia. 

There is a time limit to answer all of the questions. Whoever gets the most correct answers is the winner. There may be multiple winners or a tiebreaker depending on the predetermined rules.

What Types of Questions Should You Use For Baby Shower Trivia?

The type of questions you use for your trivia games depends on the game you are playing and who the guests are. When choosing which type of questions to ask, consider who is going to be attending and what the theme of the baby shower is. 

For example, if you are having a woodland baby shower, you could play a trivia game about animals and their babies. 

If most of the guests are close to the mom-to-be, then you can play games like “How Well Do You Know Mom?” and ask trivia questions about her. But, this game wouldn’t be great if most of the guests are distant friends and relatives who wouldn’t know the answers. 

It’s always safe to play something like a baby trivia game where each guest has an equal opportunity to win. In this case, you’d ask generic baby trivia questions such as what the average weight of a newborn is or how long the average pregnancy is. 

It’s hard to go wrong with a trivia game. So, don’t worry too much about the questions you use. The most important thing is that the expecting mom is happy and has fun. You can run the game by her ahead of time if you are planning the shower for her.  

How Many Questions Should You Ask in a Trivia Game for a Baby Shower? 

A baby shower trivia quiz is generally 10-20 questions long. However, you can add as many questions as you’d like. Just make sure that you allot for the amount of time it will take to play the game. 

Also, guests won’t want to feel like they are taking a long test, so make sure that there aren’t too many hard questions that take time to ponder. If you’re playing a “Mom or Dad” trivia game, then you might add more questions since the answer is either “Mom” or “Dad”. But, if you’re playing baby facts trivia, you might make the game shorter so it doesn’t feel like an exam.

Fun and Interesting Questions for Baby Shower Games

Whether you’re having an in-person or virtual baby shower, trivia games are a great way to celebrate this most special gift of new life with friends and family. Trivia is a great traditional or coed baby shower game idea.

Once you’ve figured out which type of trivia game you’ll play, you need to decide which questions you’re going to include. Have fun choosing the questions and make sure that you keep the answers handy, too.  

Here are some of the best baby shower questions you can use to make up your own trivia game.

32 Interesting Fact Trivia Questions and Answers for Baby Shower Games

You can use interesting facts about pregnancy, different cultures, birth, newborns and anything else relating to babies and pregnancy as fun trivia questions for your guests. Make sure that you keep an answer key with a link to the information or bookmark this post. 

baby shower trivia questions

If you have a competitive player, they might want to check your facts so it’s handy to have the information on hand. Here are some good trivia questions to include on your game sheet. 

Q: What is the recorded weight of the heaviest baby?

A: 22 lbs 8 oz (Guinness World Records)

Q: What percentage of first-time moms go past their due date?

A: 81% (Ontario Midwives)

Q: What percentage of babies are born on their due date?

A: 5% (Ontario Midwives)

Q: What is the first color babies see?

A: Red (Healthline)

Q: On average, how many hours per day does a newborn baby sleep?

A: 14-17 hours (KidsHealth)

Q: What is the daily average number of dirty diapers for a newborn?

A: 8-12 diapers (Healthline)

Q: What is the total number of bones a baby is born with?

A: 300 bones (KidsHealth)

Q: What is the record for the most (surviving) babies delivered in one birth?

A: Nine (Guinness World Records)

Q: What is the record for the most babies born to a single woman?

A: 69 babies (Guinness World Records)

Q: What are your chances of having twins (percentage)?

A: 3% (What to Expect)

Q: How long is the average birth in hours?

A: 8-10 hours (Cleveland Clinic)

Q: In which month are the most babies born in the U.S.?

A: August (Live Science)

Q: At what age is a baby’s eye color usually permanently set?

A: 9 months (Healthline)

Q: Which celebrity couple named their child Blue Ivy?

A: Jay Z and Beyonce (Vogue)

Q: At what distance can a newborn baby see the most clearly?

A: 8-12 inches (KidsHealth)

Q: How long is a baby considered a newborn?

A: 2 months (Very Well Family)

Q: At what age is a child considered a toddler?

A: 1 year old (Very Well Family)

Q: Which land animal has the longest gestation period?

A: Elephants at up to 23 months (Live Science)

Q: Which land animal has the shortest gestation period?

A: Opossums at about 14 days (Live Science)

Q: What is the hormone called that your body starts producing when you’re pregnant? 

A: HCG (Cleveland Clinic)

Q: How much does the average baby boy weigh at birth?

A: 7 lbs 6 oz (Medical News Today)

Q: How much does the average baby girl weigh at birth?

A: 7 lbs 2 oz (Medical News Today)

Q: How much does the average baby boy weigh at 6 months?

A: 17 lbs 8 oz (Medical News Today)

Q: How much does the average baby girl weigh at 6 months?

A: 16 lbs 1 oz (Medical News Today)

Q: How much does the average baby boy weigh at 12 months?

A: 21 lbs 4 oz (Medical News Today)

Q: How much does the average baby girl weigh at 12 months?

A: 19 lbs 12 oz (Medical News Today)

Q: On average, a baby doubles its birth weight at which age? 

A: 5 months (Mayo Clinic)

Q: Which body part are babies born without?

A: Kneecaps (What to Expect)

Q: On average, when do babies start smiling socially?

A: Between 6-8 weeks (WebMD)

Q: What is the rate of C-section in the U.S.?

A: 32% (March of Dimes)

Q: Does the United States have the highest C-section rate?

A: No, it is 44.3% in Latin America and Caribbean (CNN)

Q: Will a baby recognize its Father’s voice at birth?

A: Yes (Parents)

14 Prediction Questions For Baby Shower Games

A fun way to get everyone’s predictions about the baby is to have them write them down as part of a game. Whoever guesses the most or closest to correct answers is the winner. 

Of course, you won’t know who wins until after the baby is born. It’s fun to follow up with the winner afterward though! Here are some questions you can ask to get a prediction from your guests. 

baby shower prediction game questions

Will it be a baby boy or baby girl?

What will the baby’s birth date be?

What will the baby’s birth weight be?

What will the baby’s length in inches be?

What do you predict the baby’s head circumference will be?

What time will the baby be born?

What color will the baby’s eyes be when they’re born?

What color will the baby’s hair be when they’re born?

Will the baby look more like mom or dad?

Will the birth be natural or c-section?

Will mom want an epidural?

How long do you think Mom will be in labor?

Will the baby be born in the A.M or P.M?

How dilated will Mom be when they get to the hospital?

31 Mom and Dad Trivia Questions For Baby Shower Quizzes

Asking questions about the expecting parents is a fun way to connect with your guests. You can ask personality and predictive questions to see who knows the parents the best. You will need the parents to answer the questions ahead of time so that you have the answer key. 

mom or dad trivia questions for baby shower

Is this Mom or Dad in this baby photo?

Who was heavier at birth? 

Who went past their due date when they were born?

Who walked first? 

Does Dad want to cut the umbilical cord? 

Who will be changing more dirty diapers? 

Who will be packing the hospital bag?

Who will be taking more photographs of the baby?

Who has been baby-proofing the house?

Who is more likely to be a helicopter parent?

Who has been reading the most baby books?

Which parent will be more nervous during labor?

Who will read the most to the baby?

Who will focus the most on the baby hitting milestones?

Who picked the color for the nursery?

Who picked/will pick the baby’s name?

Who sings better lullabies?

Who will be the “fun” parent?

Who will be the disciplinarian?

Who wants more children?

Who will be cooking the most meals for the baby when they start solids?

Who will ask the pediatrician more questions? 

Who will be up with the baby most at night?

Who was a pickier eater as a child?

Who will be against posting things on social media?

Who will be writing a rule list for visitors once the baby is born?

Which parent has been buying tons of baby clothes?

Which parent will do exercises with the baby?

Which parent bought the first baby items?

Which parent does the most household chores?

Which parent cooks the most?

35 Nursery Rhyme Trivia Questions For Baby Shower Games

Using nursery rhymes in your trivia questions is fun and nostalgic. Your guests will have a blast trying to remember how nursery rhymes went as they dive into the past. Try using fill-in-the-blank answers or factual questions pertaining to your favorite old nursery rhymes. 

nursery rhyme trivia questions for a baby shower

Q: How many bags of wool does the black sheep have?

A: 3 Bags Full

Q: The cow jumped over the _____.

A: Moon

Q: Hickory dickory ____.

A: Dock

Q: Who couldn’t put Humpty back together again?

A: All the king’s horses and all the king’s men.

Q: The itsy bitsy spider went up the ____.

A: Water spout

Q: Jack and Jill went up the hill. Jack fell and broke his _____.

A: Crown

Q: Jack is nimble. Jack is quick. Jack burned his ____.

A: Toe

Q: Little Bo Peep lost something. What was it?

A: Her sheep

Q: Where is the boy who looks after the sheep?

A: Under a haystack fast asleep

Q: Who sat down next to Little Miss Muffet?

A: A spider

Q: What color was Mary’s little lamb?

A: White

Q: One, two,  ____ my shoe.

A: Buckle 

Q: What goes round and round?

A: The wheels on the bus

Q: Where did the woman with too many children live?

A: In a shoe

Q: At what time of night does Wee Willie Winkie check to make sure children are in their beds?

A: 8:00

Q: What was little Jack Horner eating when he sat in a corner?

A:  A Christmas pie

Q: What weapon did the farmer’s wife use against the three blind mice?

A: A carving knife

Q: Which food item is one a penny, two a penny?

A: Hot cross buns

Q: Name something that makes Mary’s garden grow. 

A: Silver bells, cockle shells, or pretty maids all in a row

Q: What did Old Mother Hubbard look for in her cupboard?

A: A dog bone

Q: How old is pease porridge?

A: 9 days old

Q: ____ ____ sat on a wall.

A: Humpty Dumpty

Q: ____ is up above the world so high. 

A: Twinkle twinkle little star

Q: How do you row your boat down the stream?

A: Gently

Q: Life is but a ____.

A: Dream

Q: What sound do the wipers on the bus make?

A: Swish

Q: The doors on a bus go ____ and ____.

A: Open and shut

Q: The driver on the bus says ____.

A: Move on back

Q: Name one animal that Old Macdonald had on his farm.

A: Cow, pig, duck, horse, sheep, chickens

Q: Which vowels are repeated in Old Macdonald? 

A: E, I, O

Q: One, two, three, four, five. Once I caught a ____ alive. 

A: Fish

Q: Hey diddle diddle… Which animal was with the fiddle?

A: A cat

Q: The little dog ____ to see such a sport.

A: Laughed

Q: The ____ ran away with the spoon.

A: Dish

Q: Oh, the grand old ____, He had ten thousand men

A: Duke of York

Trivia Questions for Baby Shower Games

Hopefully you’ve found plenty of questions for your baby shower trivia. Part of the fun is making up your own questions that will stump your guests. So, get creative and try to come up with a few of your own, too. 

Of all the fun games you can play at a shower, trivia is always a hit. I hope you have fun creating a game and playing with your guests. If you haven’t found the perfect baby shower venue, check out this article next.

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