Beets, Onions, Cherries and Venison on Sauteed Kale – Low Calorie Recipe

low calorie recipe, Beets Onions Cherries and Beef on Sauteed Kale

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Beets are not one of MY favorites but the hubby loves them. He grows them every year and I pickle some, can some and freeze some so I’ll be able to use them in different ways all winter long. They are a perfect addition to a low calorie recipe

I used them in a meal for one of his diet nights (the plan he is on calls for him to “fast” two days a week and his dinners need be only 350 calories) and he enjoyed this meal so much I made it again the next night in a larger quantity and with some olive oil added.

For his diet nights I have learned the secret to these meals is flavor. Flavor, flavor, flavor and I get that in this meal with fresh ginger. It adds a touch of heat and complements the beets and cherries beautifully.

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low calorie recipe, Beets Onions Cherries and Beef on Sauteed Kale

Beets, Onions, Cherries and Venison on Sauteed Kale

Serves 1

3.5 oz chopped sweet onions and shallots
3.5 oz chopped cherries
3.5 oz roasted beets, cut into small pieces
3.5 oz cooked venison (or you can use lean beef)
3.5 oz chopped kale
1 TBS grated fresh gingerroot
2 TBS good balsamic vinegar
5 whole almonds, toasted
salt and pepper to taste

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The beets I used had been blanched and frozen but they hadn’t been cooked through so I roasted them with a sprinkling of wine vinegar and salt in a 350° oven for about 20 minutes. I then weighed out what I needed and cut them into small pieces.

low calorie recipe, Beets Onions Cherries and Beef on Sauteed Kale

I had diced sweet onions in the freezer and I cut up a small shallot to add some dimension. I added the onions to a non stick saute pan and let them cook until they just started to get soft. I had the cherries in the freezer (but there is no reason you could not use fresh) and they had been frozen in halves. I cut them in half again and added them to the onions. I let them cook until the cherries started to release their juice. I added in the tablespoon of ginger and a generous sprinkling of salt. Then in went the beets until they were heated through. We had had the venison roast the night before and I sliced off the required weight and cut it into small pieces. I added it to the pan to warm.

I put the chopped kale in another non stick saute pan with 1 TBS of vinegar (I used blueberry balsamic) and some salt. I let it cook just until it was wilted. While the kale was wilting I was also toasting the almonds. When the almonds were done I roughly chopped them.

low calorie recipe, Beets Onions Cherries and Beef on Sauteed Kale

Plating was very simple; just put the kale on the plate in a circle, leaving an opening in the middle for the beet mixture. Place the beet mix in the center and drizzle the remaining TBS of vinegar over the top. Sprinkle the chopped almonds over the meal.

As I wrote above, hubby really liked this one. He said the ginger really made the meal. The almonds gave it a nice crunch and the blueberry balsamic complemented the cherries. This low calorie recipe was a big hit.

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