Best Brown Bag Dinner From Martha & Marley Spoon

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Ello, folks! I hope that you are having a beautiful week? Today I wanted to chat with you about dinner time. I swear no matter if my husband and I are on the road or at home this is a very confusing time. We both love to cook, but sometimes we are just at a loss for what we want for dinner. Martha Stewart’s Meal Delivery Service from Marley Spoon is the perfect option. 

They offer so many different meals for just about anyone, including me! Being a vegetarian and having awful tummy issues it is hard for me to find things that I can eat. What I really like about Marley Spoon is that you get to choose from 20 different meals each week, so you always have something different. No matter if you are a CARNIVORE, VEGETARIAN, or GLUTEN FREE there is something for you!

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They work directly with the finest purveyors to deliver ingredients like grass-fed beef, Berkshire pork, American-caught shrimp, artisanal cheeses, and more to your door. So that you know you are getting amazing ingredients. I had a chance to check out three of their meals, and they couldn’t have been more perfect or easy to make. I choose the French Dip Burgers & Steak Fries, Steak & Parm Potatoes, and Vegetarian Pad See Ew with Broccoli & Cashews.

Included with all the ingredients that you need, besides maybe some olive oil for some comes recipes to create each meal to perfection. I would say that even if you are not confident in the kitchen, you should have no problem creating these dishes. Prices for Martha & Marley Spoon start at $8.20 – $12.00 per serve. The more meals ordered, the less per portion.

Home cooks can choose from the following:
A two-person box which is perfect for two adults or even for an individual who may want to cook for dinner, and then use their leftovers for lunch the next day.
A family box which is ideal for two adults and two children, with kid-friendly options.

There is literally something for everyone when it comes to Martha & Marley Spoon. I would suggest checking out this amazing meal delivery service and finding out more on their website. They offer no commitment, free delivery,  and affordable meal pricing.  Martha & Marley Spoon is flexible, and time-saving addition to your life.

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