5 Creative Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Romance may not be dead, but it needs an injection of vitality if Valentine’s Day is not going to be another boring round of bought gifts and indigestion from excess chocolate.

So how do we go about putting love back into the most romantic day of the year?

Try a few of these creative Valentine’s Day ideas for couples and see where they take you and your loved one!

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Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

The St. Valentine’s Day Massage

Is there really anything more intimate and romantic than a candlelit massage?

Start out with a warm bath (together or alone). Lots of scented bubbles is an absolute must. Surround the bath with candles and have soothing music playing softly, preferably in the bedroom. Supply something bubbly, but avoid alcohol for now.

Booze makes you sleepy and you don’t want your partner to doze off when the massage begins!

Once your partner is relaxed, use a massage mitt to gently massage their skin and help clean off the day’s wear and tear.

Have a warm towel ready and lead them to the bedroom (Strewing the way with scented rose petals is a lovely touch at this point. Petals could also be on the bed.)

Have massage oils and creams ready by the bed. (Keep a towel discreetly close, for wiping your hands between applications or if they get too sticky.)

Once your partner is in position you can begin the massage. Work slowly over the body, take your time, but how and what you do is up to you.

If you are unsure about the techniques of massage, follow this link for some simple advice. Keep it relaxed, gentle and above all, enjoy yourselves.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Most people have a camera phone these days. If you are one of these people, this facility opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Carry your phone with you throughout the day and make a point of sending photos of yourself to your loved one.

Getting on the train to work? Draw a heart on your hand, hold it against the train window and snap a picture. Send it to your partner.

Eating lunch? Cut your food into heart shapes and send a picture.

Feeling loving? Write a loving message on flowery or heart-shaped paper, take a picture and send it.

Your aim is to be close to your partner all day, let them know you are thinking about them constantly and can’t wait to be with them.

Take any and all pictures that appeal to you and will make your partner smile, laugh or get that flutter in the stomach that speaks of happiness to come.

More than Words

Another variation on the picture theme. This takes a little forethought and a sharp eye but can be infinite fun.

Think of a message you want to send to your partner over the course of the day.

The idea is to take snaps of objects which will give clues to the words making up the phrase. For example “You make me so happy” could be pictures of a sheep, a sign that says ‘make’, a picture of yourself, a sewing needle and a smiling face.

You get the idea and all you need is to work out your phrase. Have fun with it.

Let Me Count the Ways

Fun with numbers this time. Collect ten pieces of paper, preferably pretty and number them one to ten.

Place a lipstick kiss on each piece of paper. Hide the papers separately around the house, wherever you think your partner will find them.

When a paper is found the loved one is entitled to however many kisses are indicated by the number on the paper.

Warning “You might want to leave number ten in the bedroom to be found in the late evening” unless you are partial to morning kisses of course.

If Music be the Food of Love

Play on, and have your fill.

Stage the scene.

Move the furniture out of the way, clear the decks and get the music on.

Dancing is one of the best ways to get close to someone, but it doesn’t all have to be ‘Last Dance’ style.

Start out with something harmless, a little Kylie or some Earth, Wind and Fire.

Follow with something which has a set dance you might both know, the Bustop, the Hand Jive, even the Lindy Hop if you must.

Play something silly and do the Timewarp or The Macarena.

Whatever you play, your aim is to get the fun going and to get into as many clinches as possible.

After a few goes you’ll be ready to move on to the slow dances, relaxed and wanting to get up close and personal with the one you love.

Time to get out the Barry White maybe…

Keep it Going

The above are only a few ways you can ring the changes for Valentine’s Day.

Read a few articles, do a little thinking and come up with variations of your own.

Whatever you do, you’ll ensure your Valentine’s Day is filled with laughter and love instead of sugar and financial ruin!

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