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Dairy Queen was a childhood favorite of mine, but I stopped going once I became vegan. Thankfully, there are Dairy Queen vegan options now, so those of us who are dairy free can still get a few things there.

Non-Dairy Dilly Bar

This bar is gluten free, vegan, and plant based. It has a coconut cream (made from coconut milk) ice cream that is dipped in a crunchy chocolate coating. Peta really pushed for Dairy Queen to make a vegan version of the dilly bar, so it’s really exciting that it worked and they made a vegan one.

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Misty Slush

The flavors you can choose from are cherry, strawberry kiwi, blue raspberry, grape, and lemon lime.

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The ingredients in the fries are vegan and I’ve heard that they are fried in soybean oil. I’m not sure if they share a fryer with non-vegan menu items though. You can ask the workers at the location you go to. Choose a vegan dipping sauce to eat with your fries.

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These dipping sauces are vegan:

  • BBQ dipping sauce cup
  • Wild buffalo dipping sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard

Pretzel Sticks (modified)

The pretzel sticks are topped with butter and salt and served with a zesty queso sauce. You’ll need to order them without butter and without the zesty queso dipping sauce to make them vegan.

Side Salad

The side salad comes with lettuce, tomato, carrots, and cabbage. Choose a vegan dressing to go with your salad.

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These dressings are vegan:

  • Marzetti balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  • Marzetti fat free California French style dressing
  • Marzetti light Italian dressing


The ingredients in Dairy Queen’s applesauce are vegan. This is a side for a kids meal.


This is also a side for kids meals.

For now, this is what’s vegan at Dairy Queen. I really hope that in the future Dairy Queen will have more vegan options with their treats. If they come out with a vegan ice cream, then I’d love a vegan blizzard, peanut buster parfait, or dipped cone!

You can follow Dairy Queen on Instagram @dairyqueen to hear the news if they come out with more vegan options. Hopefully the fast food chain will post it on their Instagram.

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