DIY Advent Calendar Boxes

Paper Mache Homemade Advent Calendar boxes with scrapbook paper on marble

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DIY Advent Calendar Boxes are a great way to count down the days until Christmas with a little crafty flare! Bonus, making this craft advent calendar is also a festive experience.

DIY Christmas styled advent calendar homemade with the kids

DIY Advent Calendar Boxes allow us to craft memories in the best of ways. We’re all eager for the holidays to arrive and bring delicious food and time with loved ones. What better way to kick that off than with a bonding experience?

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DIY Advent Calendar: Marking the spirit of the season

Family. This is the true spirit of the holidays. The joyful laughter, giggles and excitement that being together can bring. This is especially true in a house full of little ones. Little ones make the holiday season extra special, seen through the eyes of a child with hope and wonderment.

We have those holiday tingles now. Just thinking about it makes us want to whip up some craft magic (and a few of our favorite holiday dishes as well, because they deserve a trial run!)

This year is magical in so many ways for our household. As you may or may not know, we’re expecting a bundle of joy to join brothers and sister. We can only imagine the magic that next year’s holiday season will bring with our new addition. Can. Not. Wait!

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Back to the holiday season at hand, we have a lot to look forward to and celebrate. Enter the DIY Advent Calendar Boxes to help our family and yours count down the days.

How to make a DIY Advent Calendar

Homemade Advent Calendar for the holidays

All the following items can be purchased at your local craft store (with a variety of options) or for quick/easy delivery, you can easily order on Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate, we’ve included direct links to most of the items you’ll need at no additional cost to you! What you’ll need:

  • 24 paper mache boxes (you’ll need to order two sets of these)- Buy from Amazon
  • Festive holiday paper – Buy on Amazon
  • Tacky glue – Buy on Amazon
  • Number stickers or cutouts for 1-24. You can find these ones at the hobby lobby or check your local craft store for other fun ideas! You just need some with numbers. buy number stickers on Amazon
  • Paper cutter (Pictured): Buy on Amazon
  • Paper mache star (Pictured): Buy on Amazon
Making a homemade advent calendar

Making your advent calendar: Steps to take

Measure the top of the boxes (pictured 2 â…ž inches square) and cut the paper to fit.

You’ll want to cut different patterns out to size, so there is enough variation in your design, whether you have a pattern of every other or a more abstract configuration.

Using tacky glue, apply papers to the top of the boxes. Allow drying.

DIY Advent Calendar

The next step is to attach the numbers to the boxes, keeping the order and desired pattern in mind.

When boxes are dry, place a surprise in each box. Some items to include might be candies, small toys, written activities, or service ideas. Something special to your family.

Making an Advent Calendar Star

How to make the advent calendar star

Place one side of the star against sturdy paper and trace the angles. Cut the shape out and use this as a template to cut additional pieces.

PRO TIP: You will need to cut half of the shapes with the template facing up and then cut the other half upside down.

Attach the paper to the star using tacky glue, matching the shape. Allow drying completely.

Finished Advent Calendar Star

Pulling it all together

Once your boxes are ready, there are a few options for your calendar.

OPTION 1: Arrange the boxes as desired on a table, mantel, or under the Christmas tree.

OPTION 2: You can glue the boxes to a sheet of foam board (wrapped in festive paper) and hang the board with ribbon. This keeps the boxes together and in order. This is also a good solution if you make more than one DIY advent calendar for your family, so each child can have their own.

How to use your advent calendar

Beginning on December 1st, open one box each day, starting with the box labeled 24. This will allow you to count down to 1, for a proper countdown to Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to your family from ours here at Homemade by Mom!

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