Easy Wreath For Spring Made With The Cricut Joy

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As most of you know I received the Cricut Joy for a featured posting and I have been sharing content since. I am in love with this little baby cutting machine. It’s totally small but mighty. Today I wanted to share a cute and easy wreath for spring. The items used in this posting can be purchased at your local dollar store or Dollar General.

I love to decorate my home in different ways but one thing I love is to be able to actually create the things that are in my head easily. The Cricut Joy let’s me do that and this wreath for spring came out just as I hoped.

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One thing that I love about using the Cricut Design space is all the ready-made designs. I used the “Welcome Y’all” to create a fun design on my little chalkboards that I found at Dollar General for one dollar.

These can be used in so many different ways and I will have another posting soon one how to use these to make baskets for dog toys soon.

What You Need:

Since I wanted to make this super easy that anyone can do I simply wrapped the decorative mash around the wreath to get the desired effect.

I then cut about two inches away from the flower heads on the steam and broke them apart to put on the wreath. I didn’t want the flowers to be permanent so that I can change these with the seasons.

I then poked the flowers into the wreath to create the design that I wanted. Since the chalkboard is a bit big I only wanted flowers below it.

After that comes the fun part, working with the Cricut Joy. Since I used the Smart Vinyl which is so easy to use without a mat, saving time, as well as a premade design in Cricut Design Space it took no time at all to get this done.

After everything was done and I applied the vinyl onto the little chalkboard I then used hot glue to apply the little board to the wreath.

I just really love the how simple this little project is and that anyone can do it. You have the freedom to change out the flowers as well as the decorative mesh for the seasons.

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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