Patriotic 4th Of July Tray

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Ello, folks! I do hope that this posting finds you all in good health and in a super happy place in life. Today I wanted to share with you a last minute Patriotic 4th of July Tray. With the summer in full swing and the fourth coming up super soon, I figured it was time to share. This craft is so easy to make and can really bring a bit of crafting to your Fourth of July table or even throughout the summer.

As most of you know I adore my Cricut projects and this one is made with total love, but I was trying to think of something simple that could be done in a jiffy if you are finishing your preparations for the 4th.

Patriotic 4th Of July Tray

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Patriotic 4th Of July Tray Supplies

  • Wood tray
  • Red paint
  • Let Freedom Ring SVG
  • White heat transfer vinyl
  • Jars
  • Easy Press Mini

I personally would use the Cricut Joy for this project but you can also use the Cricut Maker.

How To Make The Patriotic 4th Of July Tray

The first thing you will want to do is to paint your tray and allow enough drying time. Of course we used the red paint to make the white lettering stand out but you of course could use blue as well.

The next step in this little project is to upload our SVG to your design space. You may need to resize it so that you can get it to fit perfectly.

Weld the letters together, then hit the Make It button.

Check the Mirror toggle in the left menu, then cut the vinyl. When the machine is done cutting, remove the extra vinyl from around the words.

Place the vinyl on the side of the tray and use an EasyPress Mini to apply the vinyl to the wood.

That is literally everything! How easy right? The last thing to do is to fill the tray. Since this is our centerpiece we filled our jars with utensils.

This is a super quick project that you can do and even make different trays for the time of year or holiday.

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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