Everyday Snacking Made Easy With Sabra® Hummus From Publix

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Howdy! I hope that you all are having a wonderful day. Since my family and I have been on the road since July and only actually home for a couple of weeks in between, I wanted to share a super easy snack with you that we have come to love. My husband and I are both snackers! We snack in the middle of the day and at night as well but finding that perfect snack is sometimes difficult when you have very limited space as we do in our fifth-wheel.

Sabra Hummus

Having limited space means that we really have to come up with plans and having Sabra Hummus is perfect because not only is it super easy to eat just on some toasted bread, but it is also the perfect addition to a sandwich or toast for breakfast.

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Sabra Hummus

It is amazing what you can do with hummus, not to mention that it is a very wholesome snack and a better choice than most other snacking items. My husband and I both have different tastes when it comes to food but we both love Sabra and that is one HUGE reason you will always find Sabra in our fridge in our camper and at home.

Sabra Hummus Flavors You Can Find at Your Publix

My favorite is the Roasted Red Pepper hummus because well, you can’t get much better than a beautiful roasted pepper flavor and hummus. It goes together like PB&J but so much better. My husband, on the other hand, adores the Roasted Pine Nut. I think that is because I call him a “nut” anyways, but let’s not tell him that. Both of these have an amazing flavor that really pops and makes your taste buds sing a song of joy.

Sabra Hummus

One of my husband’s favorite things to do is to make our own little bread crackers. Since we are on the road we always forget crackers at the store, so we have become partial to using Cubano bread. The taste is amazing and if you can eat bread this has to be the best choice when making your own little crackers. You can also find this bread at Publix.

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We chose to toast the bread in our Sharp Oven but you can also enjoy the Sabra Hummus on the bread without doing anything, which is a super easy snack or lunchtime treat for anyone. All we do is simply cut the Cubano bread to our desired thickness. We then use a bit of kosher salt and bake. As I said, you can also do this in the oven and oven times will vary but I usually just set the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.

These really make the perfect daytime snack and something I feel that everyone in your family can enjoy. The easiest place to find Sabra Hummus is at Publix. When you go into the deli section this is where you will find all the flavors. I would highly suggest checking out our two favorites, the red pepper, and the roasted pine nut.

If you do check these out I would love to know your favorites. Make sure to tag me on Instagram at ello_betty so that I can see what your favorite is.

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