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Fall Around Cocktail

Hopefully, you have been enjoying the cocktail recipes that I have been posting. Today, I have a one called The Fall Around Cocktail. Its mixture of alcohol will really warm you up!

Have you tried Apple Crown Royal? I’ve used it in the recipe below. The apple can really be tasted in it. I don’t know if you would like it if you are an “original” whiskey drinker. It really may not be your cup of tea, lol. But to me, Apple Crown Royal IS good as a shot, over ice, or in a drink recipe.

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Fall Around Cocktail

Fall Around Cocktail

Yield: 1 8 oz glass
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

The Fall Around Cocktail will really warm you up. You'll find this drink recipe is unbeatable!


  • 1 oz Crown Royal Apple
  • 1/2 oz Cranberry Vodka
  • 1/2 oz Spiced rum
  • 1/2 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 4 oz 7-UP / Sprite
  • 1/2 cup Ice
  • Cherries and mint for garnish


  1. Fill your whiskey glass half full of ice
  2. In a cocktail shaker add ALL liquors
  3. Shake to combine
  4. Add the Cranberry juice
  5. Shake to combine
  6. Pour over the ice
  7. Top with 7up
  8. Top with cherries and a mint sprig


Let me know if you make this (or any of the other recipes that I post). I'd love to know what you think.

The combination of these flavors in this Fall Around Cocktail is just unbeatable if you ask me.

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