Egg-cellent Family Fun Easter Activities for Kids

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Easter can bring out the kid in all of us. I love watching my kids as they run around trying to find as many eggs as they can but the Easter fun doesn’t have to end once the Easter Egg Hunt is over. Here are some “Egg-cellent” Easter game ideas for the whole family to keep the “egg-citement” going for hours.

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Easter Game Ideas

Jelly Bean Guess

Fill a clear jar with jelly beans.

Everyone gets one guess on how many jelly beans are in the jar.

The person who’s guess is the closest wins the jar of jelly beans! Be sure that you keep track of the number of jelly beans as you are putting them in the jar.

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Write down the number on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place where no one can see it.

Bunny Hop Race

This is a really fun outdoor activity.

Have the kids to line up in a horizontal row and hop like a bunny to the finish line.

First bunny to cross the line wins.

One of the great things about this activity is that the kids get some exercise without even realizing it.

If you want to make it a little more interesting you can get these cute Easter Hop Sacks here complete with matching bunny ears!

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The only thing they care about is having fun! You can give a small prize to the winner if you wish.

Pin The Tail On The Bunny

This activity is pretty much self-explanatory but just for fun I’ll explain it anyway.

You will need to cut the shape of a bunny from a piece of poster board or you may be able to find one at your local party supply store that is already made.

Cut several circles from white construction paper.

Use a sharpie marker and write a number on each white circle so that you will be able to tell which “bunny tail” belongs to each child.

Place a piece of double sided tape to the backside of the tail.

Fold a handkerchief horizontally and cover the children’s eyes then spin them around a few times and let them stick their tail on the bunny.

This is another activity where you may want to give a small prize to the winner.

We also have a post on how to make a reusable Pin the Tail on the Bunny game that uses felt and dowel rods so you can enjoy this fun game year after year.

Make Your Own Bunny Ears

Using white paper plates draw a set of bunny ears for each child at your party.

Use pink construction paper to make the inside of the bunny’s ear.

easter activities for kids

The kids can glue the pink part of the ear to the white part that was made from the paper plates.

Take a white pipe cleaner and bend it into a “U” shape.

You will probably need to use the longer pipe cleaners for this activity.

Tape the pipe cleaner to the back of the bunny ears.

Help the children place the bunny ears on top of their heads like a headband.

Make sure that there is no wire sticking out of each end of the pipe cleaner.

If there is wire sticking out you can use a small pair of wire clips to clip the wire so it is not sticking out on each end.

Decorate Easter Cookies

Bake some sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them with icing and sprinkles.

Small plastic knives work great for spreading the icing on the cookies. You can place the cookies on a paper plate to help catch any sprinkles or icing that falls off of the cookie.

The kids can eat their delicious creations right away or place them in a festive Easter goody bag and they can eat them later.

Make Your Own Easter Bag

For this activity you will need some white paper bags (preferably with handles), crayons, markers, stickers, etc.

Each child can decorate their own Easter bag to use at the Easter Egg Hunt.

You could also use stickers to decorate plastic eggs that you use for an Easter Egg Hunt.

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Play Easter Trivia

Think you know everything there is to know about Easter? Test your knowledge with a game of Easter Trivia. Need some questions to ask? Check out our Easter Trivia Quiz post here!

Easter Coloring Contest

Get out some crayons, markers, colored pencils or other art supplies and have a good old fashioned coloring contest. You can create categories by age or type such as most creative, best use of color, etc. These cute stickers can be used as rewards!

Fun Easter Activities for Kids

We hope you have enjoyed these fun activities for kids and have a Happy Easter!

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