Cheap Easter Baskets Stuffers: Fun and Affordable Ideas

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Looking for Cheap Easter Baskets Stuffers? You’re in luck!

We’ve gathered some fun and affordable ideas that will make your Easter celebration a blast, without breaking the bank.

From classic treats to creative new ideas, we have something for everyone on your list.

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So read on, and get ready to fill those Easter baskets with lots of goodies!

Cheap Easter Baskets Stuffers

When I was younger, I never got Easter baskets that were bought at the store.

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Instead, I got baskets that were homemade by my mom or Granny.

These homemade Easter baskets were better than any Easter basket you got in the store though because they weren’t mostly filler and they had tons of great personalized stuff inside.

Treats are always a good option for Easter basket stuffers, and you can find some great options at your local grocery store.

Wrapped candy like Hershey’s Kisses and even jelly beans are all classic Easter treats that won’t cost you a lot of money. If you use these combined with a little Easter grass you can fill the bottom of the basket nicely.

Cheap Easter baskets stuffers don’t have to be boring! This year, stuff those baskets with some fun and functional items that the kids will love.

So, what else can you include inside a cheap Easter basket?

cheap easter baskets

Coloring Books

Coloring books are always great gifts for kids and you can find several small coloring books that will fit perfectly in a homemade Easter basket. This is something I always got in my homemade Easter baskets and I always loved them.

You can find coloring books here on Amazon, at the dollar store or even the Target dollar spot.


Another great option for cheap Easter baskets stuffers are stickers.

My kids always love getting stickers in their Easter baskets. You can find sticker packs at the dollar store or online.

I like to get a mix of “Easter” themed stickers and regular stickers that can be used year-round.

A roll of stickers like this one are my favorite to give to kids.

I thought they were so special when I was a child since they are similar to the ones you get from your teacher or at the doctors or dentists office.

1000pcs Easter Stickers, Happy Easter Egg Bunny Roll Sticker, Round Waterproof Holiday Sticker for Kids, Easter Decorations Wall Window Party Bag Supplies Gift


Well, of course, you need to add some crayons so that they have something to color with. Splurge and get the big box of Crayola’s (you know, the one with the sharpener!) after all, it is Easter.

Crayola Crayons, Regular Size, 64 Count with Sharpener

Stuffed Bunny or Chick

There are so many cute stuffed animals out at Easter. A little stuffed animal makes a great addition to a homemade Easter basket. You can even find stuffed animals that have candy attached to them.

Solid Chocolate Bunny

What would an Easter basket be without a solid milk chocolate bunny? This is something that was always in my homemade Easter basket and was probably my favorite part.

Russell Stover Easter Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny 1.3 Oz (3 Pack)

Marshmallow Eggs

Yum! These are so delicious and your kids will love them.

You can buy a carton of them that looks just like a real egg carton or you can buy them individually wrapped.

To save space I suggest getting the individually wrapped ones.


Nothing says Easter like Peeps.

Peeps are a treat that you never forget.

The feel of the sugar on your tongue and the slight crunch as you bite into the marshmallow is just amazing.

Easter Marshmallow Chicks Peeps Variety Pack 4ct.

Don’t you dare leave these out of a homemade Easter basket.

Did you know they also have Peeps Gummies now too? So cute!

Fun Toys

A couple cheap, but fun toys are always a welcome addition in a homemade Easter basket. You could include some jacks, marbles, etc.

Jump Rope

Jump ropes are always fun to include in an Easter basket.

They are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most stores that sell toys.

We like to include a jump rope in our Easter baskets because it’s a great way to get the kids moving and burning off some extra energy after eating all that candy!

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

A new toothbrush and toothpaste are something you already have to buy for your kids so just get a little something extra for their Easter Basket.

You can splurge and get the character ones or the special flavored toothpaste to make it more fun.

Fun Soap, Bubble Bath or Body Wash

Again, something you already have to buy your kids anyway so get the kinds that is a little more exciting for them. Roll on soaps or bath crayons are fun and entertaining to kids. New bath toys can be a treat as well!

SOAPEN Kids' Roll-On Hand Soap | As Seen on Shark Tank | Fun, Colorful Soap Pen | Encourages Proper Handwashing (3-Pack: Fresh Pear / Berry Blast/ Tangy Tangerine)

Crayola Bathtub Markers with 1 Bonus Extra Markers AND Crayola Bathtub Crayons with 1 Bonus Extra Crayons

New Hairbrush & Scrunchies or Comb

Yes, another personal care item you already have to purchase for your kids. Make it fun instead of a basic one.


Bubbles are another classic and cheap Easter baskets stuffer that we love. You can find small bottles of bubbles at the dollar store or online.

There are also these no-spill bubbles that are amazing! If you haven’t tried them they are great for sloppy kids!

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Mini Bubble Tumbler (3 Pack), Multi (99630)

A Note from the Easter Bunny

This really is a cute idea and a wonderful conclusion to your homemade Easter basket.

Include a note that says, “I hope you liked all the gifts I picked out for you.” And then say something about an achievement they made this year and how proud you (the Easter Bunny) are of them.

One Expensive Gift

You might include one expensive gift if your child values quality over quantity. For example, include a video game they’ve been wanting and then build around that gift almost concealing it until they have removed everything else.

If your child is into a certain activity, look for related items that cost less than $25. For example, if she’s really into soccer, you could get her a cool water bottle or an extra pair of socks with fun designs.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something your child will enjoy and use.

DIY Easter Basket Stuffers

If you want to get a little bit more creative, you can make your own Cheap Easter Baskets Stuffers.

There are so many great ideas out there and it’s really easy to do.

You can find a ton of great DIY tutorials online (hello, Pinterest!) or in craft magazines.

Cheap Easter Baskets Stuffers

These are just a few of our favorite Cheap Easter Baskets Stuffers.

With a little bit of creativity, you can easily find lots of great gifts that will fit into your budget.

No matter what you choose, your kids are sure to have a blast this Easter!

So get creative, have fun, and happy Easter!

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