Quick And Easy Easter Crafts For Kids to Keep Them Entertained

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Easter is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for some Easter crafts!

Kids love Easter because it’s a time when they can get creative and have a lot of fun.

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In this blog post, we will discuss three easy Easter crafts that kids will love!

These crafts are simple enough for even the youngest children to do, and they will keep them entertained for hours.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Quick And Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

Bunny Rabbit Ears

construction paper

Get a strip of construction paper long enough to go around the children’s head.

PACON Art Street Lightweight Construction Paper, 10 Assorted Colors, 9" x 12", 500 Sheets

You may need to use two pieces of paper depending on the age of the child and size of his/her head.

Tape the ends together so its like a hat.

This is the base of the hat.

Remember the thicker the base is, the harder it will be for them to rip.

Cut out two bunny ears from the paper and have the children color them.

They can also color the base of the hat if they want.

Tape or staple the ears to the front of the base.

Bunny Windsock Craft

This one of my son’s favorite thing to make each year!

2 liter bottle
tissue paper in spring colors
white construction paper

Take the plastic bottle and cut off the top and bottom of the bottle so only the middle is left. Wrap the middle end of the bottle with the construction paper and glue in place. Let dry.

Cut out eyes, ears , nose, and mouth from construction paper. Glue them on the bottle.

Cut tissue paper in long strips.

American Greetings Pastel Tissue Paper for Christmas, Holidays, and Special Occasions (40-Count)

Staple the tissue paper to the bottom of the bottle. Staple the string to the top of the bottle so you can hang this craft up.

Easter Placemats

This is a great project for the kids to do. They can make placemats for their Easter dinner. If they are really into it, let them make placemats for all the family member’s who will be coming over to enjoy dinner.

Easter magazines
light weight cardboard or heavy construction paper
markers and crayons
contact paper

Let the children write their name really large in the middle of the construction paper.

Decorate the construction paper with cut out Easter pictures from the magazine.

Decorate with other drawings.

Cover the placemat with clear contact paper to seal the placemat.

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Yummy Necklace

Marshmallow peeps bunny's in different colors
marshmallow peeps chicks in different colors
fruit loops cereal
stretchy necklace material

First prepare you work station.

An adult should take the skewer and poke a hole through the peeps.

Good Cook 12-inch Bamboo Skewers, 100 Count

Easter Marshmallow Chicks Peeps Variety Pack 50 Ct, 5 Pack

Lay everything out on the table so the kids can pick and choose what they want.

Cut the string to appropriate sizes for the children’s neck.

Add a piece of tape to one end, making it so it comes to a point. This will make it easier for the children to string it through.

Let the children string their necklaces with what they want.

Tie them around the children’s neck so they can wear and enjoy there project.

Another variation to this is use shoe string licorice for the string. This way the whole necklace can be eaten.

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Quick And Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

My children love doing craft projects. We always come up with a few new ones for each holiday.

The kids usually have some sort of break during the holidays, so doing crafts not only decorates the house, but it keeps them busy during their time off.

As an added bonus, usually the more things you plan out for you kids to do the less they will get in trouble!

It keeps their minds and bodies in motion and helps wear them out too so maybe an early bedtime will be necessary?

One can hope!

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