15 Fun Easter Ideas for Kids

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In our family, we are low on kids. I have my daughter who is 9 but all the other kids in the family have moved away over the years so I’m trying to put together some fun Easter ideas for kids. So that she’s not as bored and lonely this year as she has been in the past.

Luckily next year my nephew will be here. My sister is due in the next month so next Easter we will have a one-year-old to play with at Easter. For this year though I need some fun Easter ideas for kids to keep her entertained and then for years to come for other kids in the family.

1. We are going to decorate cookies at Easter. Usually, this is a fun Christmas tradition but I figure why not make it part of Easter as well. I am going to make some sugar cookies, bring some frosting and sprinkles and whoever wants to can decorate.

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    I’m sure this will be as much fun for many of the adults as well as Isabella. This will be a fun and simple activity that doesn’t cost a lot and will be an available dessert which is what I typically bring to family parties since I can’t cook.

    2.  We will still do an Easter Egg hunt but it will be a lot of the middle generation. We did this last year. Since there are no kids except one my generation me, my husband, sister, cousins, etc have to get out there and hunt.

    3. I think we will Decorate Easter eggs right there at the party. Though typically done before the party and the egg hunt. It might be fun to bring some Easter egg decorating kits with us and get everyone involved in doing some decorating.

    4.  There are so many Bubble activities that we can do outside on Easter. We can just do bubbles with regular wands, we can get some big wands as well to play around with also.

    5. Easter Egg Relay  I’m trying to find a lot of outdoor activities since it is spring time and our weather will hopefully be nice. A relay race will be a good way of everyone getting to play outdoors together.

    6. We can do a  Jelly Bean Taste Test. Jelly beans are an Easter staple for me so when I saw this I thought it would be a lot of fun.

    Science esperiments for kids: Jelly Bean Taste Testing

    7. Setting up an Easter photo booth with these free printables. I love taking photos and this would be so much fun. It would also be a good way to get my family to do more photos together and be a little silly and have fun doing it and the pictures would be a lot of fun to have.

    8. I found quite a few ideas for having an  Easter Olympics. Just like the relay idea in number 5 here is a great idea to do for Easter that you can do outside. There are lots of ideas for outside Olympic games.

    9. How about doing an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. This sounds like a fun Easter idea for kids and the whole family. Over on the Dating Diva, they have everything you need to put one together.

    Family Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

    10. I found a bunch of springtime games played with jelly beans. There were a lot of fun ideas that kids and adults can all play outside during your Easter celebration.

    11. For an indoor activity that we could do, I found Easter Bingo. This is a fun game for Easter for both kids and adults to participate in.

    12. Another fun idea is to play games as a family. Depending on the ages of the people who are at your Easter will determine what games you should play. For my group of adults and one 9-year-old good games would be Sorry, Monopoly, trouble, and games like those.

    13. Making a Peeps house would be a good idea and a fun twist on another Christmas tradition. My daughter, like many kids, loves decorating and making gingerbread houses, so I know that a peep house will be a lot of fun for her and all of us.

    14. If the weather is not as nice where you are and if we happen to have a wet Easter, which is always a possibility. I think that doing some arts & crafts is always a fun possibility. Doing some painting, coloring and other art.

    15. Watch a family-friendly movie. This one will be determined by what ages you have at your party. My daughter can watch a few of the more teen or tween appropriate family movies now that she’s gotten a little older. If you have younger ones or all adults your movie choices will be different.

    Here are a few cute Easter Family Movies: The Dog Who Saved Easter, A Dog’s Way Home Or one of our personal favorites Peter Rabbit 

    I hope this post gave you some fun Easter ideas for kids and the adults you will be celebrating with this year. I’m hoping to try out a few of them at our Easter this year. Doing all 15 in one year would be excessive so a couple of them should be perfect and keep Easter fun.

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