From the Garden: Beans, Beans, Beans

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It has been a very good year for the garden as I have mentioned. The green beans have been very prolific. In fact he planted less than last year because I still had so many in the freezer. Didn’t matter. They still came in like crazy. I was running out of room so I decided to try canning them. I had never canned beans before but it looked easy enough….

Pre-canning. They do lose that bright green color

…and it was. I so far have a case of quarts canned and the way things are going there will be many more on the way. So many beans, so little broccoli – well, comparatively anyway. I do wish it were the other way around. But I can’t complain too much; this year’s broccoli harvest is the best ever so I will have more in the freezer than past years. That will be very nice. It won’t be all beans all the time this winter. Yay for that. Plus I have all those turnips. Woo hoo for diversity!

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