120 Best Creative Halloween Party Name and Theme Ideas

halloween party name ideas

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Are you looking for the perfect name for your next Halloween celebration? Or are you trying to come up with a theme for your annual Halloween party? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

You can use this enormous list of Halloween names for your Halloween parties, dances, costume contests, baby showers, pumpkin carving contests, bridal showers, or any other spooky themed event. 

Read on and choose from creative party names, costume contest names, dance party names, scary names, funny names, dinner party names, and adult Halloween party theme names. 

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Have fun picking out the best name for your Halloween gathering. Here are some tips and all of the best Halloween name ideas. 

how to name your Halloween party or theme

Naming Your Halloween Party

Every Halloween house party or gathering needs a catchy name! But how do you figure out the perfect one? Well, it isn’t very hard. Choose something that goes with the theme you’re going for and go with that. 

Choose from the categories below to find an idea that works for your party. You’re sure to find a good name below. Or, you can use the list to come up with ideas of your own. Once you pick a great name, use it to send out your invitations to let everyone know what your name and theme is. 

For example, if you’re having a costume contest, you can go down to the costume section and find inspiration. Choose one of the names you like. You can copy and paste it directly to your invitations or make it your own. 

If you like “Ghastly Ghouls and Garbs” you can call it “Sarah’s Annual Ghastly Ghouls and Garbs Gala” to make it your own. 

Do You Have to Name Your Halloween Party?

Well, you don’t HAVE to name your Halloween party or theme. However, it does make invitations more fun and festive. It also helps if you’re making a tradition out of your event. People will look forward to “The Smith’s Annual All Hallow’s Gala” that you throw every year. 

What Words Should You Use to Name Your Halloween Party or Theme?

You can use alliterations, puns, rhymes, and other fun words in your party name or theme. You can see examples of these in the ideas below. 

If you know a word that needs to be in your party name, you can build around it using other words that rhyme, start with the same letter, or go with the general theme. Think of words that spark the Halloween spirit and go from there!

Creative and Clever Halloween Party and Theme Names

Use this list of names for your halloween party or to help you choose a theme. These are good Halloween party names that you can use for pretty much any spooky gathering. 

  1. Halloween Boo Bash
  2. Witchy Wednesday 
  3. An Afterlife Affair
  4. I Put a Spell on You
  5. Mummy Masquerade
  6. Freaky Friday
  7. Slithering Saturday
  8. Mummified Monday
  9. Monster Masquerade
  10. Fright Festival
  11. The Grave Rave
  12. Fiend Frenzy
  13. Hallows Eve Gala
  14. Fright Night Celebration
  15. We’ve Been Dying to See You
  16. Love at First Fright
  17. Zombies Ate My Halloween Party
  18. Scaredy Cats and Witches Hats
  19. We Witch You a Happy Halloween
  20. Werewolf Wonderland
  21. We BeWitching
  22. Oh My Gourd! It’s a Halloween Party
  23. The After (Life) Party
  24. Eerie Evening Out
  25. Cauldron of Fun
  26. A Carvin’ Good Time! (pumpkin carving party)
  27. Carve it Like It’s Hot (pumpkin carving party)
  28. Poltergeist Party
monster masquerade halloween name idea

Halloween Costume Party and Theme Names

If you’re celebrating Halloween night with a costume contest where the best costume wins, you can consider the names below for your party. This is a great time to use Halloween puns and adjectives! 

  1. Frightening Fashion Friday
  2. Ghoulish Garments Gala
  3. Apocalypse Attire
  4. Ghastly Ghouls and Garbs 
  5. Ghostly Garbs Costume Party
  6. Eerie Ensembles Evening
  7. Devil’s Dressup
  8. Creepy Clowns and Ghoulish Gowns
  9. Your Costume is Killing Me
  10. Mischievous Masquerade
  11. Devilish Dress Up
  12. Dress Like Your Favorite Witch, Ghoul, or Monster
  13. From Rags to Witches
  14. The Undead Runway
  15. Graveyard’s Next Top Model

Halloween Dance Party and Theme Names

If your party is going to involve dancing, these names are perfectly festive! Choose a name that describes your dance party. Get creative with alliterations and fun puns. 

  1. Monster’s Ball
  2. Witches Whirl
  3. Deadman’s Disco
  4. Angels and Devils Dance
  5. Devilish Dancing
  6. The Haunted Halloween Hop
  7. Witches and Boos Bop
  8. Witches Waltz
  9. The Boo Bop
  10. The Terrified Tango
  11. Deadly Disco
  12. Bloody Ball
  13. Halloween Town Get Down
  14. Beastly Ball
  15. Rise From the Grave Rave
  16. Bewitching Ball
  17. Demonic Dance Hall
  18. Zombie Prom Night
deadly disco halloween party name idea

Scary Halloween Party and Theme Names 

Along with choosing one of the frightening names below, decorate with spider webs and other creepy things, tell ghost stories, or even watch horror movies to make your party really scary. 

  1. Devil’s Descent
  2. Wicked Halloween Party
  3. Bloodsucking Cannibal Party
  4. Zombie Apocalypse 
  5. Supernatural Soiree
  6. Gruesome Gala
  7. Your Worst Nightmare
  8. Spine-Tingling Story Time
  9. Midnight Madness
  10. Just Clowning Around 
  11. (State) Chainsaw Massacre – “Georgia Chainsaw Massacre”
  12. Saw 2022
  13. Let’s Have a Killer Time
  14. Afraid in the Dark
  15. Night of the Living Dead

Funny Halloween Party and Theme Names

If you’re going for humor, these party and theme ideas are perfect for you! Choose a name below or put your own fun twist on one of these ideas to come up with something unique that shows a bit of your personality. 

  1. Batty Halloween Wing-Ding
  2. Candy Corn and Cuties
  3. Let’s Get Cooky Being Spooky
  4. Spooky Specters With Spectacles 
  5. Vampires, Witches, and Ghouls, Oh My!
  6. Let’s Get Scary in Here!
  7. A Kooky Spooky Good Time
  8. Not Scary Halloween Party
  9. An Excuse to Dress Scandalous Shindig
  10. Halloween Hootenanny 
  11. Mumm’s the Word
  12. Skeletons and Shenanigans 

Halloween Food and Dinner Party and Theme Names

If you’re celebrating the spookiest day of the year with food and drinks, here are some ideas for you. You can change the names based on what type of food you’re serving to make your party name unique to you or choose something below. 

  1. Bloody Feast Dinner Party
  2. Pumpkins and Pastries Party
  3. Ghoulash and Chill
  4. Feral Foodie Festival 
  5. Fangtastic Feast
  6. Frightening Feast
  7. Trick-or-Tacos
  8. Eat, Drink, and Be Scary
  9. Snack-O-Lanterns and Spooky Stories
  10. Feast of Fears
  11. Burgers and Hallo-weenies 
  12. Ghostly Meat and Greet
  13. Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good to Eat
  14. Pumpkin Spice and Food That Tastes Nice
  15. Come Take a Bite
  16. Sink Your Fangs In

Annual Adult Halloween Party and Theme Names

Here are some fun Halloween party themes for adult parties. You can use generic names that go along with your own name or toss in something fun and boozy. 

  1. Mummy’s Halloween Party
  2. (First and/or Last Name’s) Haunted House (Year Number) – “Smith’s Haunted House 2022”
  3. (Business Name) Monster Mash (Year Number)- “Hardy’s Monster Mash 2022”
  4. Nightmare on (Host Street Name) – Nightmare on 1st Street
  5. Boos and Booze Bash
  6. (The Host’s Name) Eerie Event – “Jack’s Eerie Event” 
  7. Witches Night Out
  8. Warlocks Night Out
  9. Cackles and Cauldrons 
  10. The (Host Name’s) Horror Show – “The Green’s Horror Show”
  11. Friday Night Frank N-Steins (beer steins, drink party)
  12. Creepy Crawly Cocktail Hour
  13. Wine-y Witches
  14. Warlocks and Witches Couples Halloween Bash
  15. Ghouls and Goblins Couples Night
  16. Brews and Broomsticks

Halloween Party Names and Themes

Choosing a memorable name is one of the most important things about putting together a Halloween themed party. You can get creative with something spooky or outline the theme of your night. 

Encourage fun costumes and fun with the theme and name you choose for your party. What you call it will set the tone for your whole party! Have fun reading through the list and coming up with ideas for your next Halloween party. 

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