How to Make a Heart-Shaped Taco Platter

how to make heart-shaped tacos

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Some restaurants offer heart-shaped taco platters around Valentine’s Day. We saw them and decided to make our own for Valentine’s Day dinner at home. Ours is a smaller version that was perfect for two people! It was also really budget-friendly since we made everything at home.

What You Need for Heart-Shaped Tacos

  • Heart-shaped tray or platter (I made ours with a wooden heart shape and some aluminum foil)
  • Taco shells
  • Taco meat and filling
  • Toppings and sauce

DIY Heart-Shaped Platter

There are heart-shaped platters that you can buy online that are a great, better-looking option. However, I didn’t want to wait for shipping and didn’t want to spend extra money making our taco platter. So I used some things we had at home already.

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I used a wooden heart shape that I had leftover from making heart-shaped flower arrangements. This worked out perfectly as it fit just enough tacos and toppings for the two of us for dinner.

I started by wrapping the heart in aluminum foil to make it food-safe. Then I created a border by tearing off a long strip of aluminum foil, then folding it down to be about 4 inches tall. I then wrapped that around the heart to create an edge that would hold the tacos. I placed a few pieces of tape at the bottom to make sure everything held together.

Assembling Your Heart-Shaped Taco Platter

Assembling your taco heart is pretty easy and you can be as creative as you’d like. We kept ours pretty basic. I started out with street taco-sized corn tortillas and lightly fried them in some oil. Then, I cooked some ground hamburger mixed with spices and Rotel tomatoes and chilies. I filled each taco with beans and the meat mixture and started adding them to the platter.

I stacked them close together with the ends pointing toward the center to start. Then I added our sauces and stacked the tacos around that area. The tacos are really flexible so how you add them in is up to you and will depend on the size of your platter.

After our platter was filled with tacos and the sauces we wanted, I topped the tacos off with shredded cheese.

This completes our romantic taco dinner for Valentine’s Day!

Heart-Shaped Tacos

You can make heart-shaped tacos for pretty much any occasion you’d like. This is really fun way to serve tacos for a date night or any romantic dinner or lunch. Serving anything in a heart shape is a fun way to be a little run and extra romantic.

Are you making heart-shaped tacos? Let me know what your favorite toppings are and how your platter turns out!

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