Ideas to Decorate the Christmas Tree

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The pine trees decorated at Christmas are all a claim for your home to breathe that magic that characterizes the Christmas holidays. The choice of the tree, the decorations, the main colors or even the decoration style are a precious moment to spend together with your loved ones. But what designs or trends should you take into account?

In Diario Feminine we give you more than 60 ideas to decorate the Christmas tree that you are going to love. Both ideas for Christmas and ideas to decorate your home to your liking without having to follow any fashion. Originality and creativity come together so that your Christmas tree is the protagonist of these holidays. Take note!

Christmas tree decoration trends

We start with the list of trends in Christmas pine decoration. Surely one of these ideas will quickly become your favorite. Take note of all of them and choose the one you like the most! 

Blank Christmas tree

A simple color that also goes with everything. White is installed in Christmas homes in the form of decorations, tinsel, balls or lighting to give life to Christmas tree charged with a homely air. This decoration can also be associated with the so-called ‘Nordic’, in which white and wooden or rustic designs take on greater importance. You can also get a white Christmas tree and add other colors to the decorations. A brilliant idea! 

Christmas tree in purple

The classic Christmas colors are red, green, gold, white or silver. But if your favorite color is purple or lilac , you can also bet on a Christmas tree decorated with these characteristic colors. You can combine these ornaments with others in silver colors, they look great in any room.

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+The classic that never fails

One of the styles to decorate the Christmas tree that never fails is the classic. The red color takes center stage on a green background that is given by the tree itself. Ornaments such as balls, stars or dolls are the most suitable for this type of decoration that will give a point of warmth to your home. 

Christmas pines with recycled decoration

One more year, Christmas decoration can be a reason for recycling. Surely in your house you have some empty jars that you do not use, glass or plastic bottles or even cardboard, paper or books. What can you do with all that? You can either make your own Christmas tree based on all these materials, or you can choose to make the most original decorations with plastics to reuse them year after year. 

Multicolored decoration for your Christmas tree

Colors can take over your home when decorating your Christmas tree. In this case, you are not only going to focus on a single color or the combination of two, you are going to choose several colors (pink, blue, green, red…) and you are going to combine them with each other to flood your home with fun and originality. . There are quite creative ideas that you will surely love. Join the colors! 

Gold or Fancy Christmas Tree

Gold has always been one of the favorite shades of Christmas for many. Its contribution of sophistication together with the brightness it gives off is one of the most acclaimed colors to decorate any self- respecting Christmas tree. Do you dare to bet on gold? 

Christmas tree with minimalist decoration

Minimalist Christmas trees arrived a few seasons ago with a bang, and it is one of the best options for small houses or for those who do not want a large Christmas tree that takes up a lot of space. This type of Christmas decoration is usually made of wood, with a simple structure that has nothing to do with the green leaves of the classic trees. The decorations and the lighting will be the ones who take full prominence. 

Other ideas or decoration styles for your Christmas tree

If all these trends have not convinced you, do not worry. You still have more designs or ideas of decorated pine trees for Christmas that you will surely love. Give it your personal touch, and you will have a unique decoration!

Wooden Christmas tree

Wooden Christmas trees are a great option whenever you want a very personalized and very creative decoration. How can you make a wooden Christmas tree ? You can either opt for planks placed from larger to smaller, or you can get large branches and make the structure of your tree yourself by gluing three planks that go to the ground. Another great idea is to place branches on the wall from smallest to largest and hang decorations and lighting on them. You will have a perfect wooden Christmas tree. 

Christmas tree with integrated lights or light

Do you want lighting to be the protagonist of your Christmas decoration? In that case, do not hesitate and get a Christmas tree with integrated lights. But if you want to go a little further in terms of originality, you will only have to get lights and place them as if it were a tree. One of the easiest ways to do this is by placing the lights on the wall in the shape of a tree, in such a way that the decoration does not take up any space. Do you like this idea? 

Natural or rustic Christmas tree decoration

The natural or rustic Christmas decoration style has a lot to do with the Scandinavian style, with wooden Christmas trees , with minimalism… It is a set of ideas that give your home a very natural touch. Pinecones, branches, dried fruit and endless decorations in brown or white will be the stars of your Christmas tree in this style. 

Christmas pine trees with romantic decoration

Romantic Christmas trees are those that will add a touch of sweetness to any home worth its salt. It is a tree structure, or the typical green or wooden one, decorated with pink tones or pastel colors through Christmas balls , stars, tinsel… and much more! 

The main color in your Christmas tree

Far from the typical Christmas greens and reds, there is a whole range of colors that you will surely love to decorate your Christmas tree. It is about choosing a tone, for example blue, and making it the undisputed protagonist of your Christmas tree. You can combine it with other shades of the same color, or with glitter colors such as silver or gold. There is a lot to choose from! 

Fun and original Christmas trees

If none of the previous ideas have caught your attention and this time you want to opt for a totally different decoration, these fun ideas are for you. You can decorate your themed tree from one of your favorite movies, such as the Grinch or ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’, or even from a video game that you really like. The result? You will be the most original of all your surroundings. And surely your loved ones want to take many photos with your tree! 

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