35 cool ideas to decorate a small house for Christmas

35 cool ideas to decorate a small house for Christmas

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This year let Christmas enter your home as a breath of vitality and positivity. One of the best ways to do it is to start with Christmas decorations, to give your house that perfect touch of brightness and lights that always brings Christmas spirit .

We have compiled 35 super cool ideas to decorate a small house or apartment for Christmas. Look look!

The best ideas to decorate small spaces for Christmas

Just because you have a small apartment is no excuse not to enjoy the joy of Christmas decorating. It is true that when the spaces are small, a decoration that is too large and ornate can make it look inelegant and saturated – and we must recognize that it is easy to fall into excess with Christmas decoration.

However, there are many ways to avoid this. The ideal is to focus on small details that make a difference and provide the Christmas touch that you are looking for. In addition, you should choose decorative pieces that suit the space: for example, a giant reindeer may be too much in a small room, but a reindeer composition on the sideboard can give your home the Christmas touch you are looking for. To help you a bit, we have selected some ideas that can help you decorate your small home and give it all that Christmas magic you are looking for. Take note!

1.   Small Christmas tree

If there is no space for a large Christmas tree to look pretty in your home, opt for a smaller one. Being smaller, it will allow you to place it somewhere where it really takes on the prominence it deserves, especially if you take care to give it a nice decoration. Plus, they’re much cheaper, so you can save a bit or spend on more special decorations, like hand-decorated dials.

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2. Christmas tree on the wall

One of the ideal options for small spaces are wall trees. These are compositions that simulate the shape of the Christmas tree, but with other materials that give it a very original touch. You can do this with a light guide, placing nails in a pyramid shape so that the guide creates the illusion of a Christmas tree. Another very original idea is to make a Christmas tree with photo frames of the whole family. This idea perfectly evokes one of the Christmas values, love.

3. Decorate the coffee table

On a nice tray place Christmas figures, such as reindeer or a set of Christmas houses. Accompany them with a glittery candle, a pretty Christmas sphere or even some pinecones and pine twigs (it all depends on the style of Christmas decoration you are looking for ). The idea is to create a beautiful composition that you place on the coffee table in the living room (don’t forget to choose the tray and the decorations depending on the size of the table). This touch will make the difference in your Christmas decoration.

4. Garlands on mirrors, frames or paintings

It is a very decorative resource that takes up very little space and always looks good in Christmas decorations. You can choose the typical bright tinselgarlands that simulate pine branches or even ones made by you with small spheres or stars. Imagination will be your ally in decoration.

5. Decoration of the hall of your small apartment

Even if the entrance space of your house is very small, if you have the opportunity, create a nice decoration so that, when you enter, your home receives you with the Christmas spirit that you deserve. You can place a star on the sideboard , some small wreaths on the wall and a large candle on the floor . With these three elements you will make the hall very very Christmassy.

6. Christmas baubles on the shelf

If you have an empty shelf or one with some decoration in the living room, take advantage of it to give it a very special Christmas touch. Depending on what you have on the shelf, you can even remove it to give your Christmas decoration a special role. A simple and very decorative way is to fill that shelf with Christmas spheres of different sizes . It will be amazing!

7. Tree on the nightstand

The bedrooms cannot be left without their Christmas touch but obviously if we recharge them too much they will not look good. To solve it, put a small Christmas tree on the nightstand or bureau.

8. Socks on the wall

Don’t you have a fireplace to hang your socks? No problem, you can hang them from a shelf or even from a nice branch that you place on an empty wall that you have in your house. Christmas stockings are very decorative and take up little space , making them ideal for decorating small houses . Also, if you have children at home , they cannot miss them because they love them!

9.Fruit bowl with Christmas decorations

If you have a space for the fruit bowl in your house, add some Christmas spheres, pine branches, pine cones, stars… take advantage of it to decorate your home. If you have a visitor, you can even remove all the fruit and decorate it completely with Christmas figures . It will be the star of your decoration!

10 Christmas magnets on the fridge

In the market there are many options to decorate the Christmas refrigerator , from the largest figures to the smallest. If you prefer to do a DIY , you can make the face of a snowman with magnets and cardboard. Use round black magnets for the smile and eyes and with a cardboard create the carrot nose. Then with cardboard or wrapping paper you can make the shape of the scarf crossing the width of the fridge.

11 Glass vases with spheres, lights and pineapples

If you have some glass vases at home that you can place in strategic places such as on top of a piece of furniture, on a coffee table or on a window sill , decorate them in a simple way by inserting Christmas spheres, lights or pinecones into them.

12 Christmas wreath on the front door

A beautiful Christmas wreath on the front door will not take up space and will be a special touch to tell any guest that your home breathes Christmas. Choose one according to the size of your door .

13 The most Christmassy corner of your small house

If you don’t want to overdo the Christmas decoration but you don’t want to give it up, try to find a corner in your home (preferably in the living room) in which to allocate a nice decoration . For example, you can put a medium-sized Christmas tree next to a ladder with socks hanging on it. It is a simple decoration but at the same time special.

14 Decorations in the kitchen

Why not decorate your kitchen in the Christmas spirit? There are many ideas for it even if your kitchen is small, from placing details such as the mitten and the towel being Christmas , to placing bows on the cabinets, as if they were Christmas gifts .

15 Christmas cushions on the sofa

It is an easy resource that takes advantage of space and looks incredibly good. You can have a complete set of Christmas cushions or just add a couple of Christmas cushions to your sofa that match the colors of the ones you already have.

16 Hanging stars from the ceiling

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings despite living in a small space, then take advantage of them! Place hanging stars from the ceiling in different heights and sizes. Choose a strategic place for it, near a window, in the hallway, above the room … They will be incredible!

17Snowflakes on the windows

It is a simple decoration that does not take up space and will give a very Christmassy and winter touch to your home. You can make snowflakes  with a template and artificial snow ,  with cardboard and stick them on the window or buy them directly if your budget allows it.

18 Candles in Christmas candle holders

Candles are always a decorative element that provide a special atmosphere throughout the year. But also, at Christmas they cannot be missing. Place them on Christmas candle holders to make them more decorative. If they also smell like Christmas (cinnamon, apple, pine, gingerbread cookies …) you will give an extra touch to your Christmas decoration.

19 Decorate the pots

If you have plants in your home, you can always put some on a Christmas planter . But you can also decorate flower pots easily without investing a lot of budget. For example, you can wrap them in gift paper and a nice bow.

20 tree in a corner

Create the figure of a Christmas tree in a corner that you have at home and that is free of decoration. It can be a concave or convex corner, it doesn’t matter. You can use lights, photos, bows… Use your creativity to create this very original Christmas tree .

21 Pendant lights

The married lights are very beautiful and can decorate your small home with that Christmas touch you are looking for without needing many more elements. Put these pretty lights on the windows, in a corridor, on the walls of the living room … You’ll see how good it looks!

22 Decoration at the head of the bed

It is another beautiful option that will give your bedroom a very special homey and Christmas touch. Depending on how your headboard is, you can choose one or another decoration. If it has a shelf, place Christmas spheres or a pretty garland on it. You can also use lights or even decorate the headboard wall with a composition of Christmas wreaths or stars .

23 Dress up your Christmas bed

For the bedroom, another very decorative idea is that your bed is dressed for Christmas. It’s not about having a quilt with Santas printed on it —although if you’re a Christmas geek you probably already have it—, but about taking advantage of some Christmas-colored bedding sets and giving them a special touch. For example, if you have a burgundy bedding set , you can add some green and red plaid cushions and one with a Santa on it. You can also place some giant Christmas spheres on the bed or a cozy blanket that has a Christmas touch .

24 Christmas tree with branches on the umbrella stand

On the umbrella stand (or a vase) place some dry branches and, on them, hang different Christmas spheres. Voila! You already have a very decorative and inexpensive Christmas tree that will look amazing in your home. You can make it the center of attention or place it next to the sideboard in the hall .

25 Serving cart decoration

Many people take advantage of this type of cart when they have small houses, due to the multiple functionalities that they can give them and because they are usually very decorative on their own. Whatever function you have in your home, give it a special Christmas touch by placing some spheres, branches, candles, a decorated vase, a figure of Santa Claus … etc. on it.

26Pine branches in vases or bottles

It is a very simple craft to do and it is very Christmassy. In addition, it is a decoration that takes up very little space. If you want to give it a very natural touch, simply place pine branches in vases or glass bottles. If you prefer them to attract a little more attention, decorate the bottles by painting them in bright and Christmas colors (in gold or silver they look great).

27  Advent calendar with envelopes on the wall

There are wall advent calendars on the market , they are usually made of wood and with Christmas motifs. Although they are beautiful, they can be quite expensive and even difficult to find. A cheaper option that in the end has the same meaning (especially for the little ones, who will be equally excited) is to use small envelopes stuck to the wall with strong double-sided tape. Create a Christmas tree or star shape and put some pretty number stickers on it ( 1 to 24 , which are the days of Advent before Christmas).

28 Christmas town on the chest of drawers

Remove the usual decoration (or part of it) that you have on the dresser in the room or the console in the dining room and replace it with a nice Christmas town with snowy houses, some pine branches, reindeer… etc. This detail will be enough to give a very Christmas touch to your home.

29 Decoration of a loft

If you live in a loft with a staircase , don’t forget to decorate it, either with lights, garlands and/or Christmas spheres . This decoration, which is quite simple to make, can make a difference in your Christmas decoration.

30 Vinyls with Christmas motifs

A good solution for small spaces is decorative vinyl with Christmas motifs. Choose an ornate wall in your home that has no decoration or minimal decoration. You can print some vinyl with Christmas motifs, from stars and flakes, to a Christmas nativity , the ones you like the most. Place them on the wall , they will be impressive and very decorative.

31 Hanging stars on the wall

Get some big stars, they can be made of raffia, wood, metallic … You can even make them yourself. Hang them on a wall to decorate. With three stars in different sizes it will be enough for the decoration to be beautiful and precious.

32 Hanging lights on the curtains

It is another option that is very decorative and takes up little space. Hang lights from the curtains, you can paste them with cellophane or with a painted thread of the same color as the curtain so that it is not noticed. This way you can open and close the curtains and always see the Christmas lights.

33 Garlands across the windows

If you have sliding windows or windows that open outwards, you can put garlands through the curtains. These can be of many types: Christmas spheresstars and even figures of reindeer or Santa Claus . Use your imagination and make them yourself in an afternoon of crafts.

34 Magazine basket with gifts and Christmas motifs

Do you have a basket of magazines in the living room? Keep the magazines during the Christmas season and include in the basket gift boxes , pinecones , toy candies …. whatever you like best and is consistent with all your Christmas decoration.

35 Stars on the back of the chairs

This is a beautiful idea, especially for when you have guests . You can create the stars yourself : with a wire you can make the shape and wrap them with red or gold ribbon or jute rope. You can also buy them made of raffia or a material that you like and that inspires Christmas. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that they are light so that they do not counteract the weight of the chair. Put a pretty bow on them and hang them from the back of the dining room chairs, so that they can be seen from behind. It is a precious detail that will not take up any space and will be ideal!

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