Key Lime Fudge Bars

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Ello, Folks! I hope that you are having an amazing day? Since we last did a recipe which was the Strawberry-Lime Cake I wated to keep up with that theme and share today a super simple Key Lime Fudge Bars. Fudge in our home is a must and not just at the holidays.

This Key Lime Fudge is perfect for the spring and summer season because it is so refreshing and really can bring a little twist on “traditional” fudge.

What sets these apart from other fudges you might have made is that we actually added a base to the fudge using graham crackers. This turned out perfectly and worked so well together.

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Below you will find the full recipe that you can save or print but I wanted to walk you through some of the steps used to create these amazing delights.

Key Lime Fudge Prep

First off, you will want to preheat the oven to 350. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the melted butter, sugar, and graham cracker crumbs until combined.

Press the crust mixture into the baking dish. Place into the oven and bake for 8-10 minutes or until crust is lightly browned. Allow to cool for 30 minutes before making the fudge.

Using a large sauce pan over medium heat, combine the chocolate chips, condensed milk, and chopped white chocolate bar. Mix until melted and smooth. Stir in the lime zest, key lime juice, and vanilla until combined

Lastly, You the fudge mixture over the crust. Zest a lime over the top of the fudge to garnish and allow to harden overnight! That is all it takes! Simple right ? These are really a refreshing treat this spring and I do hope that you check these amazing Key Lime Fudge Bars out! Super YUMMY ?

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