Make Your Own Home Decor Riser Using Cricut And Dollar Tree Items

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Ello, everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying your week? Today I wanted to share with you a super easy craft to make your own home decor riser, using a simple method that is easy to do using your Cricut and Dollar Tree items.

home decor riser

I love giving hight to items in my home to make them stand out a bit and I really think this worked out perfectly. You could also use this method to make a tray as well. To get started you will need to use your Cricut Maker as well as window cling. I really enjoyed using the window cling and I think it gives your new riser a bit of depth instead of leaving it just glass.

home decor riser

What you Need from Cricut:

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What You Need From Dollar General:

  • Four Picture Frames ( I used the 8×10 with decorative design)
  • Felt pack ( I used the purple but you can use which ever color you would like)
  • Feet ( I used the wood blocks)

Once you have everything together it is time to head on over to the Cricut Design Space. If you are going to use my design you can find that here. You will use your maker to cute the window cling but first to make things easier to measure out what you need of the window cling using the portable trimmer. This is a must for any craft room.

Once you have everything ready to go load your maker with the mat and Window Cling and print the design. You don’t have to worry about mirroring the image my design does not have any words.

Once everything is cut grab your weeding tools and get to work. I turned on my bright lights as it is a bit hard to see the design.

Now it is time to put the window cling on the glass of the picture frame. You will only be using one of them for this project and I saved the rest to share another project with you so that nothing goes to waste.

These decorative picture frames come in black but I wanted to spray paint mine white. This matches my decor a bit better. You can use whatever color you would like. You will find that there are some discrepancies in dimensions when it comes to the frames themselves, so if you have OCD this might bother you. Me I think it gives items character.

I then took one of the frames and inserted the felt and glass.

home decor riser

Honestly, these would look beautiful just stopping there, but I continued on. Next, get the rest of your frames and push in the tabs on the back side.

You will want to use hot glue on both of the raised backside nubs on the frame and glue them all together.

Lastly, if you choose to put on feet it is time to do so. That is literally all you have to do. You could go further by adding handles or more decorations but I tend to leave things easy.

This really is a super easy project and you will love the results. I can’t tell you how many times when I am decorating for the season and I don’t have enough risers for display. This is a cheap and easy way to make your very own. You also could change out the felt as the seasons change, which is super fun.

Share this! Your friends will love it...

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