14 Beautiful Vegan Charcuterie Board Ideas

vegan charcuterie board ideas

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These vegan charcuterie board ideas are perfect to recreate for a picnic, holiday party, or an Instagram post. They are so beautiful and delicious.

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To get started making charcuterie plates, you’ll need the following:

1. Vegan Meatballs Charcuterie Board

vegan meatballs Charcuterie Board
Meatballs Charcuterie Board
This charcuterie board has vegan meatballs, vegetables, garlic, pico de gallo, and more. Reluctant Entertainer made the recipe for this.
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2. Purple Produce Charcuterie Board

vegan Purple Produce Charcuterie Board
Purple Produce Charcuterie Board
This purple board was made by Brooke Lark. It has fresh fruit like grapes and blackberries. It also has almonds, dates, tomatoes, and more.
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3. Macadamia Vegan Cheese Charcuterie Board

Macadamia Vegan Cheese Charcuterie Board
Macadamia Vegan Cheese Charcuterie Board
Minimalist Baker made this spread. All of her recipes that I’ve tried have been amazing! This board has a macadamia nut cheese, crudite, and roasted veggies.
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4. Dessert Charcuterie Board

vegan Dessert Charcuterie Board
Dessert Charcuterie Board
I love how pretty this dessert charcuterie board is. All the food on it is plant based, dairy free, and sweet.
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5. Colorful Charcuterie Board

vegan colorful charcuterie board
Colorful Charcuterie Board
This board from Salima’s Kitchen has 3 different cheeses, pistachios, blueberries, crackers, cherries, and more on it.
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6. Vegan Meat and Cheese Charcuterie Board

vegan meat and cheese charcuterie board
Vegan Meat And Cheese Charcuterie Board
Emilie Eats made this board. It can be an appetizer or a meal. It has lots of colors and different components.
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7. Cashew Ricotta Cheese Charcuterie Board

vegan cashew ricotta cheese charcuterie board
Cashew Ricotta Cheese Charcuterie Board
This vegan board has cashew cheese, veggies, grapes, and more on it. It is so fun!
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9. Vegan Cheese Ball and Produce Charcuterie Board

vegan cheese ball produce charcuterie board
Vegan Cheese Ball And Produce Charcuterie Board
This is a great spread to put out at a party. People will go crazy over it! It has cheeseballs, bread, grapes, bell peppers, and more. The Plant Philosophy made it.
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10. Variety Charcuterie Board

vegan charcuterie board
Variety Charcuterie Board
Jillian Harris’ made this spread that has olives, grapes, dried fruit, dips, and more. Aren’t vegan charcuterie boards so pretty?!
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11. Vegan Cheese Charcuterie Board

vegan cheese charcuterie board
Vegan Cheese Charcuterie Board
Veggies Don’t Bite made this vegan board with cheese, chips, cucumbers, carrots, crackers, and more.
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12. Dips and Veggies Charcuterie Board

vegan dips and veggies charcuterie board
Dips And Veggies Charcuterie Board
It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken made this vegan snack board full of olives, veggies, nuts, hummus, and a cheeseball. I love all the bright colors on it!
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13. Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

vegan valentine's day charcuterie board
Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board
This vegan spread from Well Vegan is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The beet hummus is so pretty and a great color for Valentine’s Day. Kate from Kate Well Vegan wrote a book all about vegan charcuterie boards too.
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