What to Do with Dead Flowers After Valentines Day

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Flowers are one of the most beautiful things that you can get on Valentine’s Day.

The down side is if they are real flowers they don’t last for very long afterwards maybe one to three weeks if you’re lucky.

In order to prolong the memory we have come up with ideas for what to do with dead flowers after Valentine’s Day.

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There are several ways that you can save the beauty of your flowers so you can enjoy them much longer and in some cases forever.

What to Do with Dead Flowers After Valentines Day

Dry the flowers and use them in a scrapbook

One of my favorite things to do with my flowers is to cut one bud off and press it in some wax paper under a heavy book or two and place it in an album.

You must wait until it has dried and then treat it with a fixative like this one below so it won’t crumble.

Krylon 11 oz Uv Floral Protectant Spray, Multicolor

Just keep in mind that you have to press the flower when it is still alive and pretty that way it doesn’t just break and crumble when you place it under the book or heavy object to press it so this idea is technically to be used before the flowers have died.

I will place the flower in a scrapbook, this style of scrapbook works best and next to it I write what we were doing the day I received the flowers and if there’s a picture from the day I will put that in the album as well.

This way I get to keep a piece of the day to remember and it ads something extra to the scrapbook.

Vienrose Large Photo Album Self Adhesive for 4x6 8x10 Pictures Scrapbook Magnetic Album DIY Scrap Book 40 Sticky Pages with A Metallic Pen

Made a dried flower bouquet

With the rest of the flowers from the bunch I hang them upside down to dry, spray them with a fixative and re-arrange them in a vase.

Hanging them upside down helps them maintain their shape and color.

The fixative ensures they will hold their shape and they won’t crumble if the are moved or bumped into.

This way is the most cost effective and you get to look at them for a very long time.

Keep in mind they do get dusty and it is very difficult to clean them without breaking some petals.

Have a professional preserve the flowers for you

There are also places that press and dry your flowers for you, such as bouquets or special arrangements that you want to save forever.

They are enclosed in glass and you can display them in your house with out the worry of something happening to them.

They can even put a card or invitation in with the flowers which makes impossible for you to forget when you got them.

Create a memory box

I have some friends that like to keep their keepsakes from the day in a memory box like this one.

Livememory Decorative Storage Bin Fabric Storage Box with Lid [Printed Wicker Pattern,Not Real Wicker Basket]

They’ll dry out the flowers and put them in a box with a napkin from the restaurant or the card that came with them. Boxes from jewelry received, tickets from a show they went to or anything that will help them remember what happened that day.

Flowers are special, fragile, and beautiful it just doesn’t seem right to just toss them out especially when they are associated with your significant other showing you how much you mean to them.

No matter what you choose to do with them just don’t let them just sit in the vase with water until they get moldy.

multiple valentine's day flower images

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