Valentine’s Day Candy Kabobs

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Ello, Folks! I hope that you are having a wonderful day? Today I wanted to share with you another super easy recipe, the Valentine’s Day Candy Kabobs. These are so simple to make but the perfect little treat for Valentine’s Day.

Candy Kabobs

Since I am a HUGE candy lover, I just thought these would make the perfect little treats on Valentine’s Day table for friends and family. This Valentine’s Day we are actually having a little party which I will be sharing in a posting soon.

Candy Kabobs

Since this really is not a recipe there is no way that you can go wrong! Candy skewers are one of my faves, they look absolutely adorable.

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How To Make Valentine’s Day Candy Kabobs

You simply get a bamboo skewer, slide a bunch of your favorite candies on them and serve. We picked shades and shapes to best match Valentine’s Day, but honestly, this could be made with any color combination and for any holiday.

I used some of my favorite candy along with some chocolate to make the marshmallows a bit more fun!

If you decide to use the chocolate and marshmallows I would make sure that they set up before adding them to your kabob. It just makes things a bit cleaner. Lastly, and again you can’t get this wrong is to put your kabob together with your favorite candy.

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Super easy and these are so much fun to make! Even your kids will love helping you put them together.

Candy Kabobs

If you are looking for another super easy recipe for Valentine’s Day Check out these homemade chocolate lollipops.

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