More than 51 Christmas decoration ideas with recycled materials

More than 51 Christmas decoration ideas with recycled materials

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There are many things that we must take into account for the Christmas celebrations , I am not only talking about the plans to do with the family, the Christmas dinner menu or the party to say goodbye to the year. I am also talking about the decorations that you are going to put in your home and that will be responsible for the typical Christmas atmosphere that both adults and children like so much. In our post we show you more than 51 Christmas decoration ideas with recycled materials that you can do yourself, they will be the best decorations you have ever had!

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Christmas decoration, this year we will make it with recycled materials

When it comes to decorating the house for the Christmas holidays, there is no need to spend a fortune or put up the same decorations as our neighbor. We can be more original, take advantage of the things that we already have at home and that we probably won’t give any other use to and at the same time spend a super entertaining time preparing these Christmas details in which the little ones of the house can also participate.

Let’s start with the batch of ideas!

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1  Bottle corks to assemble the Nativity 

We will gather a few glass bottle corks, decorate them and create with them the figures that will be part of our Nativity Scene this year. You just have to put your imagination into it and get ready to spend some of the most entertaining time with your family.

2 Toilet paper rolls to create snowmen

We take the cardboard from some toilet paper rolls, paint them white and put a carrot nose, black eyes and a big smile on them. Once we have our snowman ready, we only need to decide where in the house we are going to place it .

3  Newspaper to wrap gifts

Do you have a few sheets of newspaper at home? Then no more talk, you already have the wrapping paper you need to wrap the details with which you are going to give to your family and friends.

4 Christmas garlands with colored pencils

We can make the typical Christmas garland by gluing one colored pencil after another or we can create it with many shells of dried fruits , it may seem like a tedious task but you will see that when you get down to it you will find it most entertaining.

5  Angel shaped coffee capsules

This time we are going to put eyes and wings on the coffee capsules so that they have the appearance of a Christmas Angel. What if we put them in the Nativity scene with the corks from before?

6 Small painted candles

We can also take some small candles and paint them to our liking with colors typical of these important dates . Surely when you turn them on they seem super special.

7  Coffee capsules to decorate the tree

Let’s go back to the coffee capsules, what do you think if this time we paint them to look like another Christmas tree decoration ? Surely your guests have a hard time recognizing that it is really a coffee capsule.

8  Coffee capsules for home lights

This one is more laborious but the result is incredible. It is about placing small colored lights in the capsule so that they are part of the Christmas lighting with which you are going to decorate your home, don’t you love the idea?

9  Christmas ball shaped pistachios

If pistachios are your thing, don’t throw away the shell and take the opportunity to stick it on a Christmas ball and give it a unique and vintage look .

10 We create a Christmas tree out of cardboard

Another great idea for our Christmas decorations with recycled material is to use several pieces of cardboard and create a more or less large Christmas tree with them . Of course it will have to be painted and decorated so that it has the appearance that it should have.

11 A bell-shaped bottle

We cut the base of the bottle, we paint it, we turn it over, we place a bell inside it and, voila, we already have the bell ready that announces that Christmas has begun, what an illusion!

12 Wreath made with congratulations

To make way for the congratulations, we remove the ones from the previous year but, as we are embarrassed to throw them away but we don’t want to always keep them either, we design a very special garland with it . What’s another cool idea?

13 We paint plastic gloves

We inflate some plastic gloves, tie them and decorate them to our liking with Christmas motifs. This idea is sure to be very funny to the little ones in the house.

14 Christmas star with soda cans

This other idea of ??Christmas ornaments and decorations with recycled materials is also very cool. It involves carefully cutting soda cans to give them the shape of a Christmas star . We can paint them silver and hang them on our tree.

15 Shooting star with buttons

We can design that same star with colored buttons. Help yourself with a cardboard base to make it easier for you to do.

16  We place paper cups in a circle for a nice garland

Garlands dress up houses a lot at Christmas, especially if you dare to make one as original as the one we propose here. You just have to place several paper cups in a circle and paint them as you like.

17 Painted hardboiled eggs

As if they were for Easter only for Christmas. Hard-boiled eggs painted with Christmas motifs are also ideal as a craft and as a chic and super personal decorative element.

How to decorate the house for Christmas with recycled materials

When you go to decorate your house for Christmas , remember to take out last year’s decorations , buy a new one that excites you and prepare a few with recycled materials. In this way, you will have in your home a special and unique Christmas decoration of those that are worth photographing.

18 Pot that acts as a bell

You choose a small one, turn it over, decorate it in the shape of a bell and you already have another decorative element that will give all your guests a lot to talk about.

19 We will write Christmas phrases on popsicle sticks

‘Merry Christmas’, ‘in this house we love each other very much’, ‘magic multiplies at Christmas’. Choose the phrases that you like the most, write them down on some popsicle sticks and put them in a highly visible place in the house. What a great decorative idea for Christmas !

20 penguins with plastic bottles

If you want a special and original Christmas decoration where there are, then this is yours. It is about, neither more nor less, than creating some very nice penguins with the base of some empty plastic bottles. Paint them well so they look realistic.

21 Elves with dried pineapples

This is another Christmas decoration that we can create with dried pinecones, a little paint and a lot of imagination. If you wish, you can give your elves a green hat made from an old piece of cloth you have lying around the house.

22 Star with colored plastic straws

We return to the Christmas stars , you can make two or three using colored plastic straws and put them next to the tinsel, have you seen how good it looks?

23 Ornaments for the tree with CDs

The idea is that you cut some pieces of an old CD and stick them on a round surface to create a kind of disco ball but it will really be a magical Christmas decoration .

24 Magazine sheets for your Christmas tree

So that this year our Christmas tree does not look so much like the previous one, what we will do is use some sheets of magazines, fold them and create with them a very striking ornament to hang on the tree.

25 Jar Lid Decorations

We also have the option of decorating various jar lids that we no longer use to our liking . With glitter, cutouts, stickers and everything you can think of. Surely more than one copies your idea!

26 Wrapping paper rolled up to draw a tree

When you have leftover pieces of wrapping paper that can no longer be used because they are too small, throw them away! Save them all and, when you have a few, roll them up and make a nice colored tree with them.

27 With some rolls of toilet paper we draw some reindeer

Red nose, long ears and a big smile. Painting a reindeer on a roll of toilet paper is not only fun, but the result will seem ideal to put a red bow and hang on the branches of your tree .

28 Christmas wreath with bows or fabrics

If you have some pieces of fabric at home or some bows that you are no longer going to use, you already have everything you need to design a beautiful Christmas wreath to put on your front door.

29 What if we design a Christmas tree with cardboard?

We just need to roll up some sheets of paper or cardboard in various shades of green and put colored balls of cellophane paper on them. Another great idea with which the little ones will have a great time.

30 Christmas tree with egg cups

The egg cartons can also be used to create a small Christmas tree and put, for example, next to the big one.

31 Christmas wreath with treats

If you have a few leftovers from the Halloween party, instead of throwing them away, stick them on a cardboard cut in a round shape to design a special and very sweet crown. Remember to tell your guests that it is for decoration, they cannot be eaten!

32 Toilet paper rolls to create a Christmas tree

We gathered several empty toilet paper rolls, painted them green and arranged them in the shape of a Christmas tree. Now we just need to put the decorations.

33  We decorate a CD

One or several, we paint them, we put stickers and bows on them, we write a sentence on them and we place them on the wall, how original we have left!

34 Penguins made from light bulbs

If before we made the penguins with plastic bottles, now we will create them with light bulbs. Be careful when painting and decorating them, do not apply too much pressure so that they do not break .

35 Wine corks forming a Christmas tree 

As you can see, there are many shapes and many recycled materials that we can use to create our own Christmas tree, including wine corks. You can leave them as they are or you can paint them green with red garlands.

36 Wooden slats to write down sentences

Wooden slats, for example, from an old pallet, are perfect for those looking for a rustic decoration. We file, sand, paint and we have them ready to write some Christmas phrases on them that will inspire the whole family.

More Christmas decoration ideas with recycled materials

If you are liking our Christmas decoration ideas with recycled materials, wait until you see the batch that comes next. Remember to take your time and visualize the work well so that it turns out as you expect. On the other hand, you can introduce more recycled materials and give free rein to your imagination when it comes to painting and decorating. It’s going to be great!

37 Plastic bottle decorated with Christmas motifs

The plastic bottle as it is, we fill it with liquid with coloring (red, blue, green…) and decorate it with some drawings on the outside. Simple, original and perfect for Christmas.

38 Red felt trivet

If you are given to crafts and you have some scraps of felt left over, what you can do with them is to sew a trivet for the entire table or an individual one for each of your guests. Make them red!

39 felt coasters

What if you complement the placemat you just made with its coaster? Surely your guests will find it a unique detail of the most Christmassy .

40 Santa Claus sock

The typical sock that is put under the tree the night before Santa Claus comes , we can make it ourselves with an old one that we have at home. Remember to put the color red in its entirety.

41 Decorated fabric bag

If you can’t manage with the sock from before but you would like to have a small bag in case Santa Claus leaves you a note or a detail, what you can do is decorate a small cloth bag as you like. Surely if you look around the house you will find one that will serve you for this purpose.

42 Decoration with lego pieces

Have your children already forgotten the Lego briefcase they have at home? Well then, to rescue it from oblivion and continue with the Christmas decoration, what we can do is think together of a small ornament that can be made with these pieces. Are you going to put it on the tree? maybe on the door of the children’s room?

43 Handmade Christmas cards

Christmas greetings could also be said to be part of the Christmas decorations , surely the ones that are sent to you are also put on the furniture so that they look good. Well, the idea that has occurred to us is that you create them by hand and add funny details such as a bow, a little glitter or some letters cut as a collage.

44 Decorated wooden sticks

For the most rural of all, we have this other idea, we get a few wooden sticks and prepare them to place them on the wall in the shape of a star. We can also paint them, cut them, put them in the Nativity… There are many options!

45 We decorate glass bottle caps

Decorating glass bottle caps is very entertaining. It has occurred to us to paint them white, wait for it to dry, and make tiny drawings of a Santa Claus hat, a shooting star, a Christmas ball…

46 Buttons painted to create a shooting star

Speaking of shooting stars… what if we make one with painted buttons and put it in the living room? Help yourself with a cardboard to stick it well and not lose its shape.

47 Tweezers for a star

We glue a few clips next to each other and give them a star shape that we will later paint. We can also make a napkin holder for our most Christmas napkins with those same tweezers.

48 Christmas Shaped Rolled Napkins

Tree, star, bow… you just have to choose the cloth napkin in the right color and get down to work. What is a great idea? And also an incredible decoration to put on the table at Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner.

49Dried pineapple decorated with snow

To give a dry pineapple the effect of snow you have to use the spray in that color. You can also play to combine a snow with a silver. How exciting!

50 Painted light bulb to put on the tree

Before we have given the bulb a tree shape, what we can do now is paint it red, green or gold, put a bow on it and place it on the tree along with the rest of the decorations.

51 Decorated keychains

For this other idea of ??Christmas decorations with recycled materials , we will decorate some old key chains and we will use them again or we will put them as another decorative element in our house.

52 Silver can plates

Silver or gold tin cans can be ideal under the tree , on the door or in the Manger, don’t you think? Gather a few and get to work.

53 Plastic Water Bottles for a Tropical Christmas Tree

The last idea (for now) of Christmas decoration that we are going to give you is this: a very tropical Christmas tree designed with plastic bottles filled with water dyed in different colors. You can, for example, put a first red row, another green, the next red and so on to simulate the tree and the tinsel.

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