7 Easy Ways to Make Snowflakes for Christmas

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When we see a snowflake drawn somewhere, the first thing that automatically comes to mind is winter, Christmas and, for many moms and girls, the Frozen movie… Of course, snowflakes turn into the Christmas season in basic elements of the decoration of shop windows, stores and also, why not, of our homes. So, since we are doing crafts at home and since some cold and rainy dates are approaching, ideal for activities inside the home, we are going to propose some simple ways to make snowflakes for Christmas.

Christmas crafts: how to make simple snowflakes

Snowflakes with silicone and glitter

Take a white plate that you are not going to use and draw a snowflake on it with a permanent marker and simple strokes. Then spread a little liquid soap and take a gold, silver or white string, place it on the top of the snowflake and glue it with the glue gun. Begin to make the same strokes that you have made with the marker, but with the silicone gun. Do not skimp on the thickness of the line and do it quickly so that it does not dry out. Then sprinkle silver glitter to cover the flake. Wait a couple of minutes and slowly pull the string. You will have a very cool snowflake and it is very simple and cheap to make. 

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Snowflakes with colored paper

Who said that the flakes have to be white? Take paper in colored squares and fold it into a triangle and then another. Cut parallel lines without reaching the end with scissors. Unfold it and there will be cuts in the shape of rhombuses. Take the corners of the rhombuses and stick them with glue or silicone, first the ones in the center and then the following ones, one for each side. When you have six, stick them at the ends and you will have a very original and pretty snowflake for your Christmas decoration at home .

Snowflakes with white paper

Origami may seem complicated, but it is a matter of taking the ‘quiet’. Take a piece of paper and cut it into a square. Then fold it in half in a triangle shape and then fold it again. Then take the two ends and cross them forming a cone, so that you have two protruding points. We cut those two ends and we will have a perfect cone. Now all that remains is to make the shapes on the sides that we want to be punched in the coded (circles, stripes…). We unfold and it will be great (it is best to be guided by images or videos to get ideas from the cuts, until you get the hang of it).

Snowflakes with bottle bottoms

Cut out the bottoms of soda bottles and get a white, silver or pastel blue and green permanent marker. Go drawing the lines of the flakes on the plastic. Then you can add a string to hang them. Make them in different ways so that hanging them on the tree or in a garland is much more dynamic.

Snowflakes with toilet paper rolls

Cut the toilet paper rolls into more or less thick strips , depending on the size you want your flake to be. Then give them an oval shape and glue them forming the petals of a flower. Then you can paint them with glue and sprinkle glitter or before gluing them, paint them white. You already have your DIY Christmas decoration ! 

Snowflakes with ice cream sticks

Take popsicle sticks and glue them together to form the snowflake blades. You can paint them colorful or white with glitter or you can even glue on beads or buttons. It will be a great decoration for your Christmas tree. 

Snowflakes with newspaper

Cut strips of newspaper the width you want to make the flake -about two centimeters is fine- and each one a little shorter than the previous one -with a difference of one centimeter each-. Then, form loops with one and the other, so that they are detrimental. Gather them together and join them with staples or fishing line. Then take other strips and roll them into a circle. This will be the center and you must stick the four shapes you make with loops on it. Then apply glue with a brush and sprinkle silver glitter. Some very original and vintage flakes will remain

Other snowflake crafts to do at home

We have already seen 7 ways to make snowflakes at home for Christmas, but if none of them have convinced you, we bring you two more crafts that you will surely love. Do you dare to get down to work? 

Eva or foam rubber snowflakes

Making snowflakes with Eva rubber or foam is the simplest, you will only need a few panels of this material in the colors of your choice and an easy snowflake template. Cut out your snowflake template and lay it on your foam sheet. Then, cut this foam in the shape of the template you have chosen. Glue a string to hang your Christmas decoration with silicone, and that’s it! You will have some very original snowflakes made with your own hands

Fabric or crochet snowflakes

Fabric or crochet snowflakes are probably the most complicated to make . But if you love sewing, you know how to crochet and you’re good at crafts, these snowflakes are for you. Choose a crochet thread or fabric that you like, print a snowflake template, and get to work making your most original designs. I’m sure they look great on you!

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