Easy No Bake Valentine’s Day Treat Using Otis Spunkmeyer

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Howdy, everyone! Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and I am so excited to share with you this little easy no-bake Valentine’s Day treat using the Otis Spunkmeyer Double Chocolate Cookies. My family and I have always enjoyed the Otis Spunkmeyer brand of products, and one of my husband’s favorites is the Double Chocolate Cookies.

These no-bake Valentine’s Day treats are so easy to make, and really you can customize them to your taste. Each little treat takes two of the Otis Spunkmeyer Double Chocolate Cookies. I used a little heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the cookies, which turned out perfectly and they held together wonderfully.

Next, I picked Mr. Bites favorite ice cream which is Peach Sherbert. I was not sure how this would taste but, who can say no to peaches and chocolate? I can’t!! I again used the heart shaped cookie cutter to form the sherbert.

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After this was done, I hurried my little butt and assembled the little no bake treats. I did let these set up for a second before adding some sprinkles for color. Gotta have color!!

To apply the sprinkles, I simply added a little bit to a plate and rolled the no bake treat into the sprinkles.

I used blue for two of them and multi-colored for the one just to see how it looks and actually I liked the multi-colored sprinkles better. Lastly, I plated the no-bake treats and used a bit of chocolate to decorate these babies. Lastly, I just added a bit of garnish that I have in the fridge.

I think these turned out wonderful and they are so stinking good!! If you don’t want to go to the hassle of making a little no bake treat yourself any of the Otis Spunkmeyer products and simply plate them beautifully. Here are just a couple of ideas.

Love Skewers

To make these I simply used the little Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Mini Cup Cakes and cut them in half. I then added them to a couple of cute Skewers that I had with hearts. Added some Raspberries and chocolate for presentation.

You can really let your imagination run wild when using any of the Otis Spunkmeyer products. I do hope that these give you inspiration for your Valentine’s Day treat idea. You can find any of the Otis Spunkmeyer products at your local stores or use their online locator.

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