Felt Christmas decorations: easy crafts to decorate your home

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Do you also like felt decorations for Christmas? Beautiful details that you can create yourself and with which you will give your home just the style you want for these Christmas parties. And as we know that no matter how creative you are, it doesn’t hurt to have a few ideas as a source of inspiration, here we bring them to you! Easy DIY crafts to decorate your house with felt Santa Claus, Christmas stars, and boots to put next to the gifts… you’ll love them!

Christmas decorations with felt to decorate the house for Christmas

To make the felt Christmas decorations that we show you here you will need:

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  • Felt of different colors and sizes
  • Sheets or cardboard for the template
  • tissue scissors
  • Fabric glue (a hot glue gun works well too)
  • In some cases needle and thread
  • You will also need details to decorate your felt craft for Christmas: buttons, plastic eyes, bows or strings, pompoms…

Once you have everything ready, you will have to draw the figure you want on a piece of paper and then transfer it to the colored felt , cut to give it the shape, fill according to the craft and decorate according to the design in question. Now you just have to decide where in the house you are going to put it. We start with the batch of ideas!

1.   Santa hat made of felt

For this hat, in addition to the materials from before, you will need a white pompom . Once you give it the shape of a hat, fold and cut the fabric that you have left over, at the end of it all you can do more touch-ups if necessary. Now all you have to do is try it on to see how well it looks on you. What do you think of this Christmas craft? 

2. Christmas campaign

Felt ornaments are perfect as a detail for us and also as a way to decorate the home , for example, the bell, remember to put some padding on it to make it look better, which you can put under the tree or hang on the door and all the guests see it when they knock on your door. Are you going to put details in green or gold? Choose according to your tastes!

3. Felt reindeer to decorate the home for Christmas

How cute is this reindeer! And what pride to say that we have done it, right? If you are skillful you can add some pipe cleaners as legs, it will be the most beautiful, what do you think if you put a red scarf with diamonds?

4. Boots or mittens with felt

Among the most beautiful felt decorations with Christmas motifs are the typical boot and the mitten . Create yours in the color you like best, put some padding on it and add colorful buttons to make it more realistic. You can even prepare some to give to your friends, how adorable!

5. DIY red flowers

First you create the silhouette in red felt, then a few petals in that same color. Cut and superimpose the petals on the base, bending a little at one end to make it stand out. Complement with a pearl in the center. You already have your table decoration with which to delight your guests at Christmas Eve dinner.

More Christmas-flavored felt craft ideas

We continue with our ideas of felt Christmas decorations with which to give the home a unique and different style. And there are so many things that one can do to make these parties a little more special, that we can’t wait to get on with them. But it is also the perfect excuse to take some time for us, go ahead and play background music while you are with your felt creations!

6. Ginger cookie

The gingerbread cookie is also typical of these parties, a sweet that everyone likes and that awakens in us endearing feelings. The only thing that on this occasion, in addition to getting into the kitchen, we will take the sewing box to design this cookie with felt, thread and little else. Once you have created your doll, you know, with some padding to make it look better, add all the details you want: bows, buttons, and plastic eyes. You have the option of preparing your gingerbread cookie as the original and you can also choose to give it your own touch, something funny or fun that shows your sign.

7. Santa Claus cutlery holder

Cutlery holders can be created in many ways, for example, with cardboard, fabric or toilet paper rolls. We can also design them with red felt and thus give it the appearance of Santa Claus , it is not necessary to have the silhouette as it is, but the colors red, white, black and even gold like the one that Santa wears in his buckle. If there are little ones at home, invite them to do this craft, they will have great ideas to contribute.

8. Felt Christmas lights

What about these felt Christmas lights? You will need felt of different colors, stuffing, thread to sew the sides and also ties to be able to hang them in the place you choose : the tree , the entrance, the living room… It is a wonderful detail for Christmas and, if you think about it, a good alternative to the usual lights that consume so much light, what do you think? Are you going to put them in your home too?

9. Christmas sweets with felt

We complement the gingerbread cookie from before with a candy cane, a heart-shaped candy and a shortbread. To design all these decorations you have to create and cut out your template, sew and fill and give them all a touch in the same color so that they look like they go together, such as a few drops of sugar in soft pink.

10. Christmas tree

To make a Christmas tree with felt you have to cut out two silhouettes , put cotton padding between them and sew them on the sides with large stitches. Next, you will have to put some brown felt for the trunk and add the decorations that can be buttons or something like that. Now all you have to do is put a bow on them and decide on which branch of the tree you are really going to place them.

11. Snowman

How about a felt snowman? It will take you a little more time since it is a slightly more laborious craft, but if you have time, do not hesitate to get started with it, it can be a nice gift from the invisible friend or for the little ones in the house. They will know how to value that you have taken care of doing it yourself.

Hand-embroidered Christmas crafts from felt to decorate the thing

Before putting on your decorations, select the ones you are going to make, prepare the material, the details and the template that you can make yourself on paper or cardboard and get to work. It may not fit you as you see it in the image you have taken as a model, but of course they will have a unique personal style. We are going to start with the Christmas tree and the lights. Which ones did you like the most?

12. Christmas ball

In two colors, with holly leaves on the sides and even a small bow in the middle. It’s just an idea, because you already know that when it comes to Christmas balls, each one has a style and shape. So, when you go to sew yours, put the colors and details that you like the most. But how good it has been for you!

13. Christmas wreath with felt

You have two options: create a whole crown with felt or decorate a crown that you already have at home with this fabric. In both cases you will have your personal and beautiful Christmas wreath . In many countries it is very typical to put it on the door and for guests to see it when they call, although you can place it wherever you like.

14. Felt angel

We have started with the simplest Christmas felt crafts and now move on to those that require a little more elaboration. Although if you think about it, it’s not that they have much mystery, in the case of the Angel with felt, the first thing we have to do is create the triangle for the body, the circle for the head and some small rectangles for the arms and legs. From there you will have to cut out the hair and some details for the dress in felt of different colors, as well as to shape the face. What if you put some little wings on his back? He’s a Christmas Angel for a reason! Stick each element in its place and leave it as it is or put a loop on it to help you hang it where you like.

15. Santa Claus: Craft with Felt

Making a felt Santa Claus won’t take too much work either. What you do need to be clear about is whether you want the whole doll or just the face so that you can prepare your template elements that you will later remember on the felt in the corresponding colors: red for the suit and hat, white for the beard, beige for the face and black with a bit of gold for the belt. If you are only going to make the face you can fill it and put a rope as a pendant. If you are going to create the entire figure, do it simply by adding small details to make it much more beautiful.

16. Felt mistletoe

The following is a simple and successful felt craft, but it requires the right details. Draw the template of the pointed leaves with lines drawn in the middle and sew once you have it passed and cut to your moss green felt. If you add some red balls you will have the perfect contrast.

17. Candy cane

We don’t miss one! The red and white felt candy cane will be very funny, especially for the little ones in the house. As the ornament itself is going to be very fine, put it next to other crafts, for example, that of sweets or Santa’s boot, or you can even place it as a decoration for nougat and shortbread when serving them at the table.

18. Santa’s Helper Elf

The last idea that we tell you for now is that of a goblin or elf helper of Santa Claus . As you can imagine, it is a felt ornament that takes a little more work but once you have finished it, it will seem very adorable. Draw on a separate piece of paper or cardboard the elements that make up this goblin and go one by one to the filter in the corresponding color. Finally, paste, sew and make the arrangements that you consider appropriate.

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